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RIF Core must support deduction rules

Full Statement

RIF Core must be able to express deduction rules. Deduction rules are rules stating knowledge that is derived from other knowledge by using inference or mathematical calculation. Deduction rules are also called derivation rules in the business rules community, constructive rules by logicians and views in the database community.

Position in the DC structure




A considerable number of use cases pose this requirement on RIF; examples of such use cases are Automated Trust Establishment for eCommerce, Automated Trust Establishment for Accessing Medical Records, Organizing a Vacation with Friends, Rule-Based Combined Access to XML and RDF Data.

Also, this requirement is found in the section on different types of rules of RIFUCR - List of Classified Requirements (with Duplicate Elimination) and in The requirements listed during the brain storming sessions at F2F2.


RIF without that is of limited use for me


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