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This is one of the possible Use Cases.

1. Abstract

Use RIF as the format for publishing the (proof-theoretic) semantics of semantic web languages such as SKOS.

2. Status

3. Links to Related Use Cases

4. Relationship to OWL/RDF Compatibility

Require rules which process RDF to provide additional entailments.

5. Examples of Rule Platforms Supporting this Use Case

6. Benefits of Interchange

7. Requirements on the RIF

8. Breakdown

8.1. Actors and their Goals

8.2. Main Sequence

Not interesting at this point.

9. Narratives

Not interesting at this point.

10. Commentary

SKOS is a public example of this though it only requires a very small number of simple rules.

It's not clear that this should be a use case but is included for now so that the option can be explicitly considered.