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for now, just some notes after a talk with Tim about using N3 for n-ary

It's all about using binary-relation glasses sometimes, and n-ary relation glasses other times -- on the same data.


(x y z)!sum
sum of (x y z)
sum$(x y z)
sum(x y z)


possible new syntax:

WeatherReading(boston 63 jan_10_2006).

existing syntax - class of lists

boston 63 jan_10_2006) a WeatherReading.

existing syntax - reifying relationship (several forms)

[where boston; temp 63; when jan_10_2006] a WeatherReading.
[where boston; temp 63; when jan_10_2006; a WeatherReading].
[where boston; temp 63; when jan_10_2006].  # if domain of where is WeatherReading

could do both at once:

foo a WeatherReading,
    where boston;
    rdf:first boston;

but that seems like a bad practice. doesn't match some ideas of lists.

Issue: Poluting Domain of Discourse

Do all these reifications of the relation-tuple somehow somehow cause problems, cluttering up the domain of discourse?

Issue: Performance

Proper tuples are like c structs; here we're talking about doing everything in hash tables. cf python.

Issue: Mental Model

It is mentally more challenging when you have to notice that slots have names, that there is a binary model here?