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This is one of the possible Use Cases.

1. Abstract

Use of transformation rules to enable disparate services within an SOA to interoperate.

2. Status

3. Links to Related Use Cases

4. Relationship to OWL/RDF Compatibility

The use case takes data expressed in RDF and transforms it from one ontology to another. The rules are thus required to process RDF data. The ontologies are expressed in OWL and in current work the rules need access to at least the RDFS closure of data.

5. Examples of Rule Platforms Supporting this Use Case

6. Benefits of Interchange

7. Requirements on the RIF

8. Breakdown

8.1. Actors and their Goals

8.2. Main Sequence

  1. Organizations A and B agree on the semantic mapping between their ontologies O1 and O2 and publishes a transformation rule set to the mediary.
  2. An instance of the consumer service finds it needs to obtain a data set from a supplier service which operates by a different ontology.
  3. The consumer service contacts the mediary to establish a mediated-communication channel in which message contents will be transformed according to the agreed rule sets defined in step 1
  4. Consumer requests data set from supplier via mediary, supplier's response is transformed by the mediary into the consumer's ontology using the agreed rule set.

8.3. Alternate Sequences

[Lots of variants are possible (e.g. explicit consultation of external data sources as part of the transformation). However expanding them doesn't seem important at this point.]

9. Narratives

9.1. System management


The case is a very abstracted version of several different RDF/OWL applications that arise in system management software. A concrete narrative and example data set and rules could be provided if it becomes clear this is a useful enough case to expand in such detail.

10. Commentary

It is not clear to what extent this is a RIF use case as opposed to a rule use case, but it is no different in that respect from several of the currently proposed use cases.