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Role: from OMG, living in London, England


Task Areas

I have two interests from an OMG perspective:

- Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR), jointly with Donald Chapin
- Regulatory Compliance, jointly with Said Tabet

I'd like to help ensure that both are well supported by the RIF.


Director of a small UK-based consultancy, Model Systems (
Work mainly in the UK and Switzerland.
Founder member and former chair of the Business Rules Group (
Represent the BRG on the OMG's SBVR finalization task force.
Chair of OMG finalization task for the Business Motivation Model, developed by the BRG and adopted by the OMG.
Co-chair (with Said Tabet) of OMG Regulatory Compliance SIG.
Co-organizer, co-chair of annual European Business Rules Conference (


Email: <>

Telephone: +442077235778