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1. Abstract

Service provider publishes compliance rules for service users to validate their data prior to requesting the service.

2. Status

This is a "RIF use scenarios that would be of interest to [ILOG customers]", provided by Daniel Selman (ILOG). Questions can be addressed to

3. Benefits of Interchange

4. Requirements on the RIF

List requirements of this use case on the RIF.

5. Breakdown

5.1. Actors and their Goals

5.2. Main Sequence

  1. service user sends unvalidated data, using rejection information to get the data right (thus keeping the service busy to validate data instead of providing added value)

  2. Service provider publishes data validation rules in RIF

  3. Service user retrieves validation rules

  4. Service user applies validation rules locally to pre-screen data before requesting the service, until...

  5. Service provider modifies validation rules and sends notification

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6. Narratives

6.1. Data validation rules for loan underwritting service

(Use case scenario provided by Dan Selman (ILOG). Original title was : "Import of Business Rules Defined by a Business Partner into ILOG JRules")

Joe is a business analyst for a company that offers home loans. Before approving an application for a home loan Joe must ensure that the loan can be underwritten by one of the major loan underwriting services. The loan underwriting service has a set of complex business rules that determine the structure of the data that can be submitted for automated processing. Previously a significant number of applications were rejected by the automated underwriting service because they violated these business rules. To improve the efficiency of his business and provide faster feedback to his customers Joe downloads the underwriting service’s validation rules in the Rule Interchange Format. He runs the “ILOG JRules RIF Import Wizard” and maps these RIF business rules onto his existing JRules elements. JRules creates new business rules in the rule repository based on the structure of the RIF document. Joe is now capable of prescreening customer data prior to submitting it to the underwriting service. Joe subscribes to a mailing list to receive notifications from the underwriting service when an updated RIF document is published and will go into effect. Upon receiving a notification Joe reruns the “ILOG JRules RIF Import Wizard” to update his ILOG JRules business rules.

7. Commentary