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Principal for ILOG

Hassan Aït-Kaci


Education: PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1984 (Computer and Information Science); Habilitation à diriger des recherches, Université de Paris-7, 1990, Paris-7 (Informatique.

I am currently a Senior technical Staff Member at IBM Canada Ltd., working on ILOG Research Projects, a part of IBM's Application and Integration Middleware (AIM) division. From 2001 until January 2009, I was a Distinguished Scientist at ILOG. Before then, I was a professor of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Before then, I was a member of research staff at Digital's Paris Research Lab, in France, and before then at MCC, in Austin, Texas.

general statement

My interests have revolved around languages (all aspects, whether syntax or semantics, and whether natural, mathematical, or computational), automated reasoning and knowledge representation, deterministic and non-deterministic inference. I favor formal approaches, although I have no preset preference for any particular formalism per se, be it basic set theory, logic, algebra, type theory, automata theory, graph theory, or whatever. My worry: trying to keep things simple and intuitively appealing.

past achievements

Over the past 20 years, I have contributed with some ideas in knowledge representation using a feature-structure formalism of constrained object approximations, and its use in (constraint) logic programming, functional programming, and computational linguistics. Along with colleagues and students, I designed a few multi-paradigm languages based on these ideas.

current interests

My current interests are web-aware languages, constraint-based abstraction, verification of rule-based processes, and probabilistic graphical models, all in the context of the emerging Semantic Web.

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