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Four Modal Operators

Business Rules from the organization perspective need four modal operators - obligation, permission, necessity and possibility.

Full Statement

Important note - this is not a request for full alethic or deontic logic, simply for four specific operators.

Organization-oriented business rules are based on obligations that are imposed on an enterprise (from outside and by the enterprise itself). In an organization, obligations are not always met. The automatically-executed rules have to deal with three aspects of obligation:

Logical necessities are needed to define the concepts on which the rules are based.

Position in the DC structure



Supports CSF ‘Coverage’


This capability would enable organizations to interchange the business rationale (including business policies) for executable rule-sets - useful in persuading organizations of the business applicability of RIF.


Not sure if this could be added later or not.


OMG (Donald Chapin, John Hall); NIST (Ed Barkmeyer)