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The 7th f2f was held at IBM Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY on Sept. 27-28. Our address is: 19 Skyline Dr. Hawthorne, NY 10532.

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The overall objective of F2F7 is to prepare the publication of the BLD WD as early as possible in October.

This requires that we reach an agreement on a number of matters, namely (at least) :

This, in turn, requires that we resolve all the issues related to these decisions.

Agenda (draft)

See required reading list below.

Day 1: 27 September

IRC Log Minutes (Draft)

Day 2: 28 September

IRC Log Minutes (Draft)

Required reading


Hawthorne is less than an hour drive north of New York City. Trains run to nearby stations (Hawthorne or White Plains) from NYCs Grand Central Station for less than $10, requiring a further $5 taxi ride to the lab. However, train access to/from the airports is not convenient and requires about three hours. Car service to the lab from JFK is typically $80, from LGA is about $60, if you use one of the vendors listed above. If you just take a taxi from the airport, it can be much more and they only take cash. Car rental is not a bad idea, and is often cheaper than cabfare if you are only staying two days; there is plenty of parking.

The area and north is well known for fall foliage and numerous apple orchards; the foliage will certainly be changing colors at this time of year, which is another good reason to rent a car and take a drive north on the Taconic. Other than that, Hawthorne and environs are not that interesting (unless you want to visit the gravesite of Babe Ruth). For the more adventurous, it is possible to book a hotel in Manhattan and "commute" to Hawthorne each day by train or taxi - this takes about an hour and you are going against the normal rush hour flow. It would be more expensive, but clearly a lot more interesting. For those interested in this option, there are a huge number of choices - I'd recommend the Roosevelt Hotel, it is not that expensive for Manhattan and is a two block walk from the train station, four blocks to Broadway and Times Square, and has a really nice bar...

For North Americans, the Westchester County Airport (HPN) is closer and far more convenient if you want to minimize travel time, however it is more difficult to find flights and generally only small planes fly there.

Dining: We have two basic options for the group dinner on thursday night, either eating at a local restaurant or traveling into Manhattan for a more interesting venue. Please express your preference on the registration page.

Social event: If you are staying Friday night and are interested in a group activity in New York City, two interesting (to me) possibilities are a Jazz pub crawl or Literary pub crawl. Most likely I will be the guide, so consider those web sites just descriptions of the general theme. Indicate your interest & preference on the registration page.