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This were notes projected on the screen during the meeting.

OWL <-> RIF Options

"Who thinks this is a reasonable way to handle SWC"

  1. OWL/XML is syntactically embedded in RIF
  2. OWL is a covered language
    1. New RIF-Style Serialization for OWL eg owl:Restriction as a RIF operator [REQUIRES OWL extension-for-RIF] b. OWL translated into rules (with greater-than-Horn (eg FOL) expressiveness) [ Hoolet translates OWL to FOL ] [ REQUIRES FOL extension]
  3. Interoperation (OWL in a box) cf Theory Resolution - Mark Stickel '85 [ generalized to "Theory Reasoning" ] advice to people to do this? spec intfc? cf. Eiter, Rosati

Note only option 3 is compatible with Non-FOL semantics