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Consistency with major market technologies

RIF needs to be able to interchange fact models and rules consistent with what is widely used in the market.

Full Statement

RIF needs to accommodate fact models (fact types and instances) and rules based on them in forms currently in use in business. Technologies needing to be addressed include:

  1. Support Relational
    • RIF should accept Relational Tables/Views as data.
    • Permit SQL queries to be used in rules.
  2. Support UML
    • RIF should accept UML Instances as data.
  3. Support Fact Models (e.g. ORM, SBVR)
    • RIF should accept Fact Model populations as data.
    • RIF should express SBVR business rules. Note: a really important feature here is that SBVR vocabulary and rules models capture the industrial vocabulary in language that people in the business understand - a major advantage in developing user interaction that is acceptable to business.

Position in the DC structure



Supporting ‘Wide-scale Adoption’


Wide-scale adoption - build on what people in business are already using


High - important to get the message out that RIF will build on what people are already using


OMG (Donald Chapin, John Hall); NIST (Ed Barkmeyer)