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RIF Core Design

Harold Boley
Michael Kifer
Publication Date
18 December 2006
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19 December 2006
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This document, developed by the Rule Interchange Format (RIF) Working Group, specifies the core design for a format that allows rules to be translated between rule languages and thus transferred between rule systems.

In Phase 1, the RIF Working Group is first defining a CORE Condition Language. These conditions are then used as rule bodies to define a CORE Horn Language. A human-oriented syntax, an XML syntax, and the semantics of the condition language and of the Horn rule language are given.

Table Of Contents

  1. RIF Condition Language

    1. Positive Conditions

  2. RIF Rule Language

    1. Horn Rules


Syntax of non-primitive sorts (types) and semantics parameterized w.r.t. external calls still missing. Section Positive Conditions may evolve towards a larger base or develop towards extensions using material from section A.1.1 Basis: Positive Conditions over Bipartitioned Constants of the Extensible Design.

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