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represents DERI Galway in RIF


Task Areas

My main insterest is in providing use cases and requirements for rule languages and identifying basic requirements and necessary extensions, where I can contribute experience with different extensions of declarative rule languages based on logic programming, particularly Answer Set Programming. As for the least common fundament to be provided for a rule language, I think that the WRL submission, which I contributed to, provides a good fundament.


I studied Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology where he finished my MSc in 2001. From 2001 until 2003 I worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Information Systems at the same university. I received my PhD on the topic of planning under uncertainty using Answer Set Programming in October 2003, where I developed a planning front-end for the declarative logic programming system DLV and gained experience in the usage of declarative rule languages for describing static knowledge as well as dynamic action domains. I am currently working at DERI Galway, National University of Ireland, Galway in the areas of Semantic Web, Rule and Ontology Languages, and Semantic Web Services. Relevant research projects and working groups I am or have been participating in include WSML and SWSL. I represented DERI Innsbruck in the AC of the W3C, acted as a local organizer of the W3C workshop on "Frameworks for Semantic Web Services" in June 2005 in Innsbruck and was involved in the WSML and WRL W3C member submissions. I was the main organizer of the international workshop on "Applications of Logic Programming in the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services (ALPSWS2006)" at the Federated Logic Conference (FLOC2006) in August 2006.


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