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Creating RIF Dialects: The RIF Architecture

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This document specifies how to make new Rule Interchange Format (RIF) dialects. Each dialect is a collection of components that works together, forming an interlingua. New dialects are needed when no existing dialect provides for interchange of required rule-language features. The RIF Working Group intends to provide some standard components and dialects, but other (non-standard) components and dialects may be developed by others, perhaps for later standardization.

This document also specifies how systems which read RIF must behave, so that they can handle unknown dialects.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Using RIF

    1. Data Sets

    2. RDF

    3. OWL

    4. Test Cases

  3. Extensibility

  4. Conformance

  5. Syntax

  6. XML Syntax

  7. Semantics

  8. RIF Components