ISSUE-86: rdf:text implies change to SPARQL

rdf:text implies change to SPARQL

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Christopher Welty
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the rdf:text document says """In addition to the RIF and OWL specifications, this datatype is expected to supersede RDF's plain literals with language tags, cf. [5], which is why this datatype has been added into the rdf: namespace. """

I don't recall any discussion on this notion of "supersede". What exactly is being proposed here? I have been regarding rdf:text as a formalization of RDF plain literals with language tags which simplifies OWL2/RIF's job but is not a change to RDF. Clearly any change to the RDF specs would have implications for tools developers, especially if there are any round-tripping requirements, and wouldn't be something to make likely. I don't think it appropriate to hint at such a change in the rdf:text document without more details.

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Dave Reynolds, 7 Jan 2009, 14:27:05

At the 13th F2F meeting, day 1, the WG resolved to close this issue, with updated text agreed upon and reflected in the draft going to last call.


Christopher Welty, 15 Apr 2009, 13:42:49

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