ISSUE-81: Support for additional OWL-RL datatype

OWL2 Builtins

Support for additional OWL-RL datatype

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Christopher Welty
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Should the set of BLD builtins be augmented to include the Datatypes specified in the OWL-2 spec? See

These include xsd:hexBinary, xsd:base64Binary, xsd:anyURI, owl:dateTime, owl:real, owl:rational, as well as datatypes whose more general types are already supported by BLD:

xsd:normalizedString (subtype of String)
xsd:token (subtype of String)
xsd:Name (subtype of String)
xsd:NCName (subtype of String)
xsd:NMTOKEN (subtype of String)
xsd:ID (dropped by OWL)
xsd:IDREF (dropped by OWL)
xsd:ENTITY (dropped by OWL)

Jos has posted an external comment to OWL-2 regarding the final three (resolved)

Adopting xsd:hexBinary, xsd:base64Binary, owl:real, and owl:rational may be problematic, because (a) OWL 2 does not interpret the xsd:hexBinary and xsd:base64Binary value spaces as being disjoint (as XML schema does) and (b) the owl:real is a super type of the float, double, and decimal datatypes and owl:rational contains a nonempty intersection of the float, double, and decimal datatypes, whereas in RIF the value spaces of these types are disjoint.
For reasons of compatibility we might adopt the OWL2 way of interpreting these datatypes, which is arguably also more intuitive to the user. However, implementation might be harder, especially for the numeric datatypes.
Another possibility would be to support these datatypes but with slightly different value spaces. This causes problems for RIF-OWL2 compatibility.
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Related notes:

Supported by RIF and not OWL:
durations (needs to be updated)

Christopher Welty, 23 Dec 2008, 17:22:23

At the 13th F2F, the WG resolved to close this issue, supporting all XSD Datatypes supported by OWL, but excluding the owl: specific types (real, realPlus, rational).


Christopher Welty, 21 Apr 2009, 01:21:35

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