ISSUE-45: Handling of lists in BLD [CP]

Handling of lists in BLD [CP]

Technical Design (multiple dialects/documents)
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Christopher Welty
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Although a fairly simple and ancient notion in computer science, there are many
ways to syntactically and semantically include lists in RIF dialects. Choices
include (but are not limited to): introducing standard domain vocubulary for
lists, e.g. special predicates or frame slots like car and cdr; using XML Schema
List datatypes; and introducing special vocabulary into the RIF syntax and
semantics for lists.
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Closed by WG Resolution at the 1/22/2008 telecon. Lists will be in BLD as sequences only, however the semantics is free to treat them as pairs for the purposes of defining the model theory.

Christopher Welty, 23 Jan 2008, 13:21:46

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