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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed set up draft proposal on what we mean by FOL Leora Morgenstern 2006-04-30
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Write up CSF for FOL Leora Morgenstern 2006-04-30
ACTION-3 (edit) closed find a name+definition for the \"pure prolog\" requirement that does not mention \"pure prolog\" Sandro Hawke 2006-04-30
ACTION-4 (edit) closed discuss on email whether the \"pure prolog\" requirement can be replaced by a \"horn logic\" requirement or if we need both Sandro Hawke 2006-04-30
ACTION-5 (edit) closed produce an initial diagram with existing constraints Francis McCabe 2006-04-30
ACTION-6 (edit) closed clarify meaning of sound and what is the requirement on RIF Sandro Hawke 2006-04-30
ACTION-7 (edit) closed clarify whether sound reasoning constraint with unknown dialects is a requirement or a critical success factor Sandro Hawke 2006-04-30
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Chris to start email discussion about what issues are \"fuzzy\" wrt phase 1 & 2 Christopher Welty 2006-04-30
ACTION-9 (edit) closed clarify use of terms like \'consumer\', producer, translator etc Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-09-15
ACTION-10 (edit) closed modify compliance reqs to make it more like a req Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-04-30
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Coordinate with Frank and Propose Goals, for discussion on 9 May Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-05-04
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Merge CSFs from Paula\'s document Francis McCabe 2006-05-09
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Identify someone to do the liaison with DAWG Jos De Roo 2006-05-16
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Check hotel reservation for F2F3 2006-05-16
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Apply RIFRAF to DLV and WRL Axel Polleres 2006-05-23
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Apply RIFRAF to ILOG JRules Hassan Ait-Kaci 2006-05-16
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Apply RIFRAF to Xcerpt and Xchange Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-05-16
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Apply RIFRAF to SWRL Peter F. Patel-Schneider 2006-05-16
ACTION-19 (edit) closed draft XML use case based on one submitted by reviewer and own use cases Gary Hallmark 2006-05-30
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Propose mapping between WRL & DLV and Harold et al condition language Axel Polleres 2006-05-30
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Propose mapping between SWRL and Harold et al condition language Peter F. Patel-Schneider 2006-05-30
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Propose mapping between IRL and Harold et al condition language Hassan Ait-Kaci 2006-07-31
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Post condition language proposal to the Wiki Harold Boley 2006-05-23
ACTION-24 (edit) closed post his proposal on language families (re: first goal in GCU document) to the mail list Allen Ginsberg 2006-05-23
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Respond to Axel\'s RIFRAF analysis Harold Boley 2006-05-23
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Update GCR document to contain older requirements work Francis McCabe 2006-06-05
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Collect comments on proposed new publication UC by Friday 16 June and send new version of the UC by Friday 23 Axel Polleres 2006-06-23
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Check whether OMG is okay with their member-only documents being sent to member-rif-wg (W3C member only list) Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-06-20
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Dave to send email detailing proposal for 4th goal Dave Reynolds 2006-06-27
ACTION-30 (edit) closed DaveR to propose new text for Use Case 8 Dave Reynolds 2006-07-07
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Add pointers from the UC documet to requirements David Hirtle 2006-06-30
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Take comments into account and send new version of the \"XML\" UC Gary Hallmark 2006-06-16
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Disambiguate \"RIF_Core_must_be_able_to_accept_OWL_KBs_as_data\" requirement Jos de Bruijn 2006-06-20
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Capture proposals for rewordings for \"1.1.1.a Formal Semantics\" Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-06-20
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Describe an additional requirement for evolving semantics and check whether this is already covered in \"extensibility\" Paul Vincent 2006-06-30
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Rephrase requirement 1.1.2.e. Combine rulesets, part b Dave Reynolds 2006-06-09
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Analyze differences between Charter and UCR requirements Sandro Hawke 2006-06-20
ACTION-38 (edit) closed clarify what to say about the relationship between RIF and OWL in Phase 1 Christopher Welty 2006-06-22
ACTION-39 (edit) closed clarifies which deductive rules exactly what goes into phase 1 and what into phase 2 Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-06-29
ACTION-40 (edit) closed clarify what part of production rules can be usefully translated using phase 1 RIF Paul Vincent 2006-06-29
ACTION-41 (edit) closed explain why \"blackboxes\" is not a contrdiction to \"no surprises\" requiremens Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-10-15
ACTION-42 (edit) closed (CHAIRS) come up with a process for settling on definition text for \"cover\" Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-06-27
ACTION-43 (edit) closed describe the issue on built-ins as RIFRAF discriminator Michael Kifer 2006-06-27
ACTION-44 (edit) closed add an organizational overview to the introduction Allen Ginsberg 2006-06-28
ACTION-45 (edit) closed check that releasing PRR draft to RIF members is ok with IBM Christopher Welty 2006-07-05
ACTION-46 (edit) closed ask Frank to merge first two CSF\'s in diagrams Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-06-28
ACTION-47 (edit) closed update use cases introduction David Hirtle 2006-06-28
ACTION-48 (edit) closed add the XML req David Hirtle 2006-06-28
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Remove the motivates links David Hirtle 2006-06-28
ACTION-50 (edit) closed add text to introduction - will change it in the wiki Leora Morgenstern 2006-06-28
ACTION-51 (edit) closed update the text to merge the first 2 CSF\'s Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-06-28
ACTION-52 (edit) closed send a list with small edits to UCR 2nd WD Axel Polleres 2006-07-05
ACTION-53 (edit) closed send another mail with UCR issues and add it to isses list Axel Polleres 2006-07-18
ACTION-54 (edit) closed solve the SPARQL liaison Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-07-11
ACTION-55 (edit) closed ask Frank to update the G+CSF+R diagrams Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-07-05
ACTION-56 (edit) closed add three items to the list of UCR document issues Dave Reynolds 2006-07-25
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Update RIF on SWCG discussion on rules in the layer cake and SWCG on RIF decision on 4th goal Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-07-17
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Fix the styles in UCR 2nd WD (does not work well in IE or Firefow) Sandro Hawke 2006-07-17
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Rename \"Use cases\" and \"Design Constraints\" topic into one category (UCR) Sandro Hawke 2006-07-17
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Add \"prioritization of UCR issues\" on July 18 agenda Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-07-17
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Prepare and organiize WBS questionnaire and keep track of entries Axel Polleres 2006-07-18
ACTION-62 (edit) closed look at mapping between condition part of GO! and proposed draft RIF condition language Francis McCabe 2006-07-25
ACTION-63 (edit) closed look at mapping between condition part of Xcerpt/XChange and proposed draft RIF condition language Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-07-25
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Start email discussion about extending semantics (of proposed RIF condition language) to cover Horn logic Harold Boley 2006-07-18
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Update semantics for positive conditions (in proposed RIF condition language) taking into account email discussion with PFPS on constraints on RIF mappings Michael Kifer 2006-07-25
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Analyse RIFRAF discriminator wrt requirements moved under \"coverage\" Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-07-18
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Describe by email the loophole seen in the proposed semantics of the (proposed) RIF condition language Peter F. Patel-Schneider 2006-07-18
ACTION-68 (edit) closed look at mapping between condition part of a sample PR language (from a free engine) and proposed draft RIF condition language Alex Kozlenkov 2006-07-25
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Contact commercial rule vendors to take a look at UCR WD2 Alex Kozlenkov 2006-07-18
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Announce release of UCR WD2 to JSR94/Javarules community Alex Kozlenkov 2006-07-18
ACTION-71 (edit) closed describe issue about making use cases more consistent Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-08-29
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Clarify with csma UCR WD issues 4.b.2, 4.b.3 and 4.b.6 Donald Chapin 2006-07-25
ACTION-73 (edit) closed propose new sets of discriminators relevant to classes of rules Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-07-25
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Change Frank\'s email address Sandro Hawke 2006-07-25
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Review f2f3 minutes Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-07-25
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Get trackbot working Sandro Hawke 2006-07-25
ACTION-77 (edit) closed add access data in Web formats such as HTML, XML, RDF, OWL data. Axel Polleres 2006-07-25
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Write email with solution to 3.1 & 3.2 on the questionaire Markus Krötzsch 2006-07-25
ACTION-79 (edit) closed propose a list of type capbailities as a discriminator Francis McCabe 2006-07-25
ACTION-80 (edit) closed work w/ sandro to make it possible for one person to fill out questionnaire multiple times Axel Polleres 2006-07-25
ACTION-81 (edit) closed add a text box to questionnaire for suggesting new discriminators Axel Polleres 2006-07-25
ACTION-82 (edit) closed drop 1.1.3 from questinnaire Axel Polleres 2006-07-25
ACTION-83 (edit) closed add \"no answer\" to questionnaire questions Axel Polleres 2006-07-25
ACTION-84 (edit) closed propose an FO semantics for condition language Peter F. Patel-Schneider 2006-08-25
ACTION-85 (edit) closed make explicit the assumptions behind the condition language Harold Boley 2006-08-08
ACTION-86 (edit) closed move wiki page UCR issues to tracker Deborah Nichols 2006-08-14
ACTION-87 (edit) closed write response to Christian\'s proposal, asking for clarifications where necessary Hassan Ait-Kaci 2006-08-14
ACTION-88 (edit) closed work with Frank to augment type discriminators proposal Hassan Ait-Kaci 2006-08-22
ACTION-89 (edit) closed record questionnaire answers for JBoss and XUL in an email Alex Kozlenkov 2006-08-22
ACTION-90 (edit) closed sync questionaire questions back to RAF wiki page Axel Polleres 2006-08-22
ACTION-91 (edit) closed include Paula\'s questions to questionnaire Axel Polleres 2006-08-22
ACTION-92 (edit) closed create \"define covers\" issue Deborah Nichols 2006-08-22
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Test rifbot Sandro Hawke 2006-09-12
ACTION-94 (edit) closed make a wiki page for negation Axel Polleres 2006-09-05
ACTION-95 (edit) closed close issue 11 Deborah Nichols 2006-09-05
ACTION-96 (edit) closed post an example of an UC not being clear enough Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-09-12
ACTION-97 (edit) closed summarise the discussion to issue 7 Deborah Nichols 2006-09-05
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Post the previous work on links between reqs and Allen Ginsberg 2006-09-12
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Draft solution to Issue 3, 4, and 13 Francis McCabe 2006-09-12
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Think about RIFRAF editor (Chairs) Christopher Welty 2006-09-07
ACTION-101 (edit) closed deal with ISSUE-5 Allen Ginsberg 2006-09-07
ACTION-102 (edit) closed start new wiki page on the core language to include Peter\'s proposal modulo changes we discussed Harold Boley 2006-09-07
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Update registration wiki page to mention price differential for iswc Peter F. Patel-Schneider 2006-09-19
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Clarify with paula what to do to improve 2.2 Dave Reynolds 2006-09-19
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Work with Frank to merge use cases 4 and 5 John Hall 2006-09-19
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Modify use case 5 Francis McCabe 2006-09-19
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Post email on rewording of xml datatype requirement Dave Reynolds 2006-09-19
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Gather definitions of covers and propose a synthesis Allen Ginsberg 2006-09-19
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Move types hierarchy to wiki page Francis McCabe 2006-09-19
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Read \"merged\" semantics proposal Peter F. Patel-Schneider 2006-09-19
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Draft extension to existing proposal to include heads Michael Kifer 2006-09-19
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Work on the syntax, human readable and xml Harold Boley 2006-09-19
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Update xml types requirement in next WD Allen Ginsberg 2006-09-26
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Clarify distinction between implementability and standard components requirements Christopher Welty 2006-09-26
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Post resolution for issues 3,4,13 Allen Ginsberg 2006-09-26
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Record questionnaire answers for JBoss and XUL in an email [CONTINUED] Alex Kozlenkov 2006-09-26
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Make a wiki page on negation [DONE] Axel Polleres 2006-09-26
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Start new wiki page on the core language to include Peter\\\\\'s proposal modulo changes we discussed [continued] Harold Boley 2006-09-26
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Post a mail or set up a wiki page on outlining the issues. Hassan Ait-Kaci 2006-09-26
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Send an email on issue regarding \"how to specify the \'dataset\' of the rules\" Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-09-26
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Investigate whether we are Mon-Tues or Thurs-Fri for min tech plenary Sandro Hawke 2006-10-03
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Investigate F2F6 being colocated with WWW2007 in Banff Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-10-03
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Propose new text clarifying ISSUE-6 Chris Menzel 2006-10-03
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Welty to propose new text clarifying ISSUE-6 Chris Menzel 2006-10-03
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Propose new text clarifying ISSUE-6 Christopher Welty 2006-10-03
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Write intro text for UCR, explaining how there are different sources of requirements Allen Ginsberg 2006-10-03
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Propose revision to the medical use case, adding links to requrements, with some supporting arguments Leora Morgenstern 2006-10-03
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Paula to link UC2 to requirements, adding supporting arguments. Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-10-03
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Link UC3 to requirements, adding supporting arguments. Allen Ginsberg 2006-10-03
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Link UC10 to requirements, adding supporting arguments. Axel Polleres 2006-10-03
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Link UC4 to requirements, adding supporting arguments. Paul Vincent 2006-10-03
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Link UC5 to requirements, adding supporting arguments. John Hall 2006-10-03
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Link UC7 to requirements, adding supporting arguments. Gary Hallmark 2006-10-03
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Link UC8 to requirements, adding supporting arguments. Giorgos Stoilos 2006-10-03
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Link UC9 to requirements, adding supporting arguments. Harold Boley 2006-10-03
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Send email to MoZ to correct 19/9 minutes re names Leora Morgenstern 2006-10-10
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Repost edited minutes for 9/26 Mala Mehrotra 2006-10-10
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Send email message calling for F2F5 and F2F6 hosting proposals Sandro Hawke 2006-10-10
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Start organizing RIFRAF Ontology Task Force (using public-rif-wg mailing list) Leora Morgenstern 2006-10-10
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Construct a trial RIF implementation in J-Drew Harold Boley 2006-10-10
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Release Jacc (current version, while he keeps working on his improvements) Hassan Ait-Kaci 2006-10-10
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Produce an IRL implementation of RIF (continue until CORE completed) Hassan Ait-Kaci 2007-06-01
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Propose text for the informal definition of covers Allen Ginsberg 2006-10-17
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Draft UCR section on processing models Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-10-17
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Investigate whether RIF benefits can be extracted into a separate section or whether additional input from UC authors would be needed Allen Ginsberg 2006-10-17
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Add argument to support \"limited number of dialects\" in UC8 Dave Reynolds 2006-10-17
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Add production rule coverage where it belongs, but at least in UC9 and UC1 Gary Hallmark 2006-10-17
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Complete RIFRAF questionnaire for Oracle Gary Hallmark 2006-10-17
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Complete RIFRAF questionnaire Paul Vincent 2006-10-17
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Complete RIFRAF questionnaire for XChange Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-10-17
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Update RIF Core proposal (with quantification) Michael Kifer 2006-10-24
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Propose test cases for UC1 Paul Vincent 2008-01-15 Test Cases
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Allen to do rule examples on UC3 Allen Ginsberg 2006-10-31
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Do some rule examples and try to connect them to UCs Gerd Wagner 2006-10-31
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Do rule examples for UC8 Dave Reynolds 2006-10-31
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Do rule examples for UC5 Francis McCabe 2006-10-31
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Do rule examples on UC9 Gary Hallmark 2007-06-22
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Do rule examples for UC10 Axel Polleres 2006-10-31
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Do rule examples for UC6 (medical) Leora Morgenstern 2007-06-29
ACTION-160 (edit) closed do rule examples for UC2 Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-10-24
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Talk to PhilippeB about doing rule examples and connecting them to UC Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-10-24
ACTION-162 (edit) closed do rule examples for UC7 Jeff Pan 2006-10-24
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Work with Hassan to reconcile two proposals Harold Boley 2006-11-07
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Fix typo in minutes Gary Hallmark 2006-11-07
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Do something about roundtripping, like put it on issues list Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-11-11
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Find out if we can assign a URI to xpath/xquery functions and operators Sandro Hawke 2006-11-11
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Work with Allen on defn of covers Paul Vincent 2006-11-11
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Work with Allen on defn of covers Igor Mozetic 2006-11-11
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Improve glossary Hassan Ait-Kaci 2006-11-11
ACTION-170 (edit) closed List (clarify) issues raised by the extensibility requirement Alex Kozlenkov 2006-11-12
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Talk to Deborah about getting this issue (roundtripping) on the issues list Sandro Hawke 2006-11-12
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Provide template for authoring RIFRAF instance data Sandro Hawke 2007-11-30
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Revise and ontologize RIFRAF, section 5 Leora Morgenstern 2007-04-07
ACTION-174 (edit) closed revise and ontologize RIFRAF, section 2 Hassan Ait-Kaci 2006-12-15
ACTION-175 (edit) closed revise and ontologize RIFRAF, section 3 Allen Ginsberg 2007-04-07
ACTION-176 (edit) closed revise and ontologize RIFRAF, section 4 Sandro Hawke 2006-11-30
ACTION-177 (edit) closed propose and ontologize RIFRAF on negation Axel Polleres 2006-11-30
ACTION-178 (edit) closed ask Frank if he will revise and ontologize Section 6 Axel Polleres 2006-11-30
ACTION-179 (edit) closed revise and ontologize RIFRAF, section 5 Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2006-11-30
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Edit a wiki page for the proposal on extending the existing work with constraints Harold Boley 2006-11-15
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Edit sub-section on benefits based on earlier email Allen Ginsberg 2006-11-12
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Propose way to get to an XML syntax specification from the abstract syntax Sandro Hawke 2006-11-12
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Send email about f2f5 process Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-11-21
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Propose extension to Sandro\'s proposal for extensibility at the level of rules, rulesets Francis McCabe 2006-11-21
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Send email to Pascal about his example from RuleML Hassan Ait-Kaci 2006-11-21
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Provide example of how his proposal could deal with uniform constants, etc Harold Boley 2006-11-21
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Revise and ontologive Section 6 Francis McCabe 2006-11-21
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Draft issue on PRs and Horn - is Horn a \"core\" for PRs (recursion?) Gary Hallmark 2006-11-21
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Send email to link use cases to requirements based on Paula\\\\\\\\\'s draft of UC2 Allen Ginsberg 2006-11-28
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Move \"general\" requirements to beginning of section and remove duplicates Allen Ginsberg 2006-11-28
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Clarify problem with sorts Francis McCabe 2006-12-12
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Update CORE document with multi-sorted appraoch Harold Boley 2006-12-12
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Circulate document explaining CLP Hassan Ait-Kaci 2006-12-12
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Update people with multiple actions Christopher Welty 2006-12-13
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Make clear what multisorted means Christopher Welty 2006-12-13
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Send an email to paulV re \"coverage\" Allen Ginsberg 2006-12-19
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Clean up some motivation for UCs to reqs linkage Allen Ginsberg 2006-12-19
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Propose text relating to issue-12 for UCR Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-12-19
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Come up with a reason for the wg.html page Sandro Hawke 2006-12-20
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Make issues list public Sandro Hawke 2006-12-20
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Set up WBS registration form for F2F5 Sandro Hawke 2007-02-02
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Reassign Hassan\'s and Frank\'s RIFRAF actions Christopher Welty 2006-12-19
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Chairs to find an editor for the glossary Christian de Sainte Marie 2006-12-28
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Chairs to find an editor for the glossary Christopher Welty 2006-12-28
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Add new definition of covers to UCR Allen Ginsberg 2007-01-09
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Check information needed for foreign visitors, deadline for reg Allen Ginsberg 2007-01-16
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Clean up UC 1 requirements motivation Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-01-16
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Update issues list to reflect resolution Deborah Nichols 2007-01-16
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Put resolution of issue-12 on next weeks agenda Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-01-16
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Add some hotels to f2f5 page Allen Ginsberg 2007-01-30
ACTION-211 (edit) closed create a \"WG current stuff\" section on Wiki front page Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-01-25
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Revamp page (add links to WG stuff, remove WG page, copy Chris\'s blog) Christopher Welty 2007-11-30
ACTION-213 (edit) closed testing Sandro Hawke 2007-01-29
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Check telecon and network for F2F Allen Ginsberg 2007-02-06
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Add Conclusion/summary to UCR Allen Ginsberg 2007-02-06
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Add placeholder sections each for OWL and RDF compatibilty Harold Boley 2007-02-13
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Draft caveat emptor section for syntax in core Harold Boley 2007-02-13
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Review CORE WD by next week Jos de Bruijn 2007-02-13
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Review CORE WD by next week Allen Ginsberg 2007-02-13
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Review CORE WD by next week Mike Dean 2007-02-13
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Review UCR WD by Feb 26 Leora Morgenstern 2007-02-26
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Review UCR WD due Feb 23 Mohamed ZERGAOUI 2007-02-23
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Clearly label XML stripe-skipped examples as for illustration purposes only Harold Boley 2007-02-13
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Add adrian to the tracker and give him the UCR review action due: Feb 23 Sandro Hawke 2007-02-13
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Move the MOF diagrams to the relevant syntax subsections Harold Boley 2007-02-20
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Add some text in the syntax subsections to explain the mapping between BNF and MOF diagrams Harold Boley 2007-02-20
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Send slides on proposed rifraf ontology Axel Polleres 2007-02-20
ACTION-228 (edit) closed start a new wiki page for phase 2 reqs Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2007-02-21
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Send email to ask who plans to attend F2F5 remotely Sandro Hawke 2007-02-20
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Organize XBRL discussion with Said Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-02-27
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Check whether \"1- core syntax: allowing disjunction in the conditions\" is already resolved Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-02-27
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Modify WD so that there are no committments to specific dialects Harold Boley 2007-02-27
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Check duplication problem in UCR draft Sandro Hawke 2007-02-27
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Redo UCR 2.11 Allen Ginsberg 2007-03-05
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Move motivqte links to requirements section Allen Ginsberg 2007-03-05
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Propose new intro para for UC5 Leora Morgenstern 2007-03-05
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Reorganise document and move 2.11 to an intrduction/use instruction for UC Allen Ginsberg 2007-03-05
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Propose new text for UC5 Leora Morgenstern 2007-03-05
ACTION-239 (edit) closed (just testing action system) Michael Kifer 2007-03-05
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Move blue sections to end notes Michael Kifer 2007-03-05
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Remove section on anonymous variables from CORE WD Harold Boley 2007-03-05
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Update meta-model for equality - 1 association with multiplicity 2 Harold Boley 2007-03-05
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Update metamodel for \"Sort\" association from Var/Const to Psort Harold Boley 2007-03-05
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Fix ForAll, FORALL inconsistencies Harold Boley 2007-03-06
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Delete DateTime text and use reference XSD instead Michael Kifer 2007-03-06
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Change Core to include the xmlns namespace \"\" Harold Boley 2007-03-06
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Make sure sorts are named with curis Michael Kifer 2007-03-06
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Raise issue on rif:URI sort Deborah Nichols 2007-03-06
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Update Core with rif:URI and link to ussue. Michael Kifer 2007-03-06
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Rest rifbot Sandro Hawke 2007-03-06
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Delete the issue below the rule diagram Harold Boley 2007-03-06
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Fix section heading structure Michael Kifer 2007-03-06
ACTION-253 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Hiearchy of future extensions Harold Boley 2007-08-07
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Start semantics section of Arch Michael Kifer 2007-08-07
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Review extensibility section of Arch Sandro Hawke 2007-03-07
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Revise Conformance section of Arch Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-09-07
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Revise Conformance section of Arch Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-03-07
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Put in a short entry under Test Cases, outlining the issues (ARCH) Dave Reynolds 2007-03-07
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Start OWL/RDF compatibility section of Arch document Jos de Bruijn 2007-03-07
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Put in a short entry under Data Sets, outlining the issues (ARCH) Dave Reynolds 2007-03-07
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Propose new intro paragraph for UC5 Leora Morgenstern 2007-03-13
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Change \"webizing\" into \"RIF as a Web language\" Michael Kifer 2007-03-13
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Propose clarification that RIF uses Web technology to solve requirements that are not necessarily specific to Web usage Michael Kifer 2007-03-13
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Set up F2F6 survey, today Sandro Hawke 2007-03-20
ACTION-265 (edit) closed complete his RIFRAF excersize Axel Polleres 2007-11-30
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Open an issue on disjointness of various semantic domains Deborah Nichols 2007-03-20
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Confirm availability of F2F meeting facilities in Innsbruck Jos de Bruijn 2007-03-27
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Check with MISMO that their proof of concept example can be published to RIF Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-03-27
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Add DaveR\\\\\'s caveat text to CORE Harold Boley 2007-03-27
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Change _sort syntax to ^^sort syntax Harold Boley 2007-03-27
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Propose a mechanism that doesn\\\\\'t have a problem with signatures for uris Jos de Bruijn 2007-03-27
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Propose example of ambiguity Hassan Ait-Kaci 2007-03-27
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Add reference to URI issue Michael Kifer 2007-03-27
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Add alt text for UCR Adrian Paschke 2010-03-01 UCR Document
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Change URI to IRI and rif:uri to rif:iri Michael Kifer 2007-04-24
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Recruit someone to write examples of OS/ONDS translations Christopher Welty 2007-04-24
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Put rifraf on agenda for next week\\\\\\\\\'s telecon Christopher Welty 2007-04-24
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Make F2F6 attendance survey Sandro Hawke 2007-05-01
ACTION-279 (edit) closed Announce rif-core to CL Christopher Welty 2007-05-01
ACTION-280 (edit) closed Announce rif-core to Java Rules Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-05-01
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Account rif-core to BRCommunity Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-05-01
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Announce rif-core to OMG Christopher Welty 2007-05-01
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Accounce rif-core to MISMO Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-05-01
ACTION-284 (edit) closed present test case where b-nodes don\'t directly map to file-scope constants Jos de Bruijn 2007-04-24
ACTION-285 (edit) closed to propose text in e-mail for changes to RIF Core, encompassing the \"just Skolemize\" approach to handling b-nodes Jos de Bruijn 2007-05-08
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Send email requesting offers to host f2f7 Christopher Welty 2007-05-22
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Talk to Michael Kifer and have one of your post the results to the list Jos de Bruijn 2007-05-22
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Send out homework about builtins and put it on future agenda. Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-05-22
ACTION-289 (edit) closed E-mail Michael Kifer about slotted/triples approach Christopher Welty 2007-05-23
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Close issue-31 Deborah Nichols 2007-05-29
ACTION-291 (edit) closed create a wiki page in RIF Core to list proposed & accepted builtins from F&O, and start by listing the ones she wants. Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2007-05-22
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Put links to the F&O wiki page Axel Polleres 2008-03-01 BLD
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Prepare a datatype conversion proposal Axel Polleres 2007-06-05
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Propose a treatment of sequences Harold Boley 2007-06-05
ACTION-295 (edit) closed Open issue on whether the abstract syntax will distinguish between builtins and logic functions. Deborah Nichols 2007-06-05
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Propose strawman for resolving this new issue (builtins vs logic functions) Axel Polleres 2007-06-05
ACTION-297 (edit) closed Try to change his implement to support fully-striped serialization Gary Hallmark 2007-06-09
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Show how to use XML Schema for App Data Model Gary Hallmark 2007-07-13
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Remove overlapping sorts, don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t mention sorts, handle datatypes as in RDF. Michael Kifer 2007-07-13
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Help Michael Kifer remove overlapping sorts, don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t mention sorts, handle datatypes as in RDF. Jos de Bruijn 2007-07-13
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Help Michael Kifer remove overlapping sorts, don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t mention sorts, handle datatypes as in RDF. Harold Boley 2007-07-13
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Work with Gary and DaveR on Test Cases approach Benjamin Grosof 2007-06-10
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Put Arch on next telecon Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-06-10
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Review Paula\\\\\\\\\'s phase 2 requirements and discuss Benjamin Grosof 2007-06-10
ACTION-305 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Review Paula\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s phase 2 requirements and discuss Gary Hallmark 2007-06-10
ACTION-306 (edit) closed Write up his suggestions for abstract syntax Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-06-10
ACTION-307 (edit) closed Write up his suggestions for abstract syntax Sandro Hawke 2007-07-06
ACTION-308 (edit) closed Collaborate with Dave on changes to absyn resulting from PROPOSAL-DER Harold Boley 2007-06-10
ACTION-309 (edit) closed Work on unified strawman proposal for asn->xml system Sandro Hawke 2007-07-10
ACTION-310 (edit) closed Work on unified strawman proposal for asn->xml system Gary Hallmark 2007-07-10
ACTION-311 (edit) closed work on unified strawman proposal for asn->xml system Hassan Ait-Kaci 2007-06-10
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Get Philippe\\\\\\\\\'s comments on the list of built-ins send in English Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-06-10
ACTION-313 (edit) closed Look to into extending/removing builtins. Igor Mozetic 2007-06-10
ACTION-314 (edit) closed Try to propose a strawman for a collection/list/sequences structure/mechanism (Harold to help). Jeff Pan 2007-06-10
ACTION-315 (edit) closed Start discussion on implementation guidance for translating from Core to PR systems..... Paul Vincent 2007-06-10
ACTION-316 (edit) closed Ask adrian to update may 22 minutes Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-06-19
ACTION-317 (edit) closed Send reminder for f2f proposals Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-06-26
ACTION-318 (edit) closed Develop strawman extension component, adding Retract. Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-06-29
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Develop strawman for stratified NAF extension, then extend it to well-founded and stable negation (three related extensions). Axel Polleres 2007-07-06
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Propose concrete example of where transparent lists are problematic for production rule systems. Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-07-03
ACTION-321 (edit) closed Put MISMO on agenda Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-07-03
ACTION-322 (edit) closed Summarize RDF requirements on current Core Dave Reynolds 2007-07-06
ACTION-323 (edit) closed Make a pass at updating the extensibility page based on the discussions and strawmen Sandro Hawke 2007-09-07
ACTION-324 (edit) closed contact DeborahN about June 26minutes Christopher Welty 2007-07-17
ACTION-325 (edit) closed publish F2F6 minutes Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-07-13
ACTION-326 (edit) closed Ask JohnH re a proposal for F2F7 at OMG meeting in Jacksonville Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-07-17
ACTION-327 (edit) closed Put datasets on agenda for July 17 Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-07-17
ACTION-328 (edit) closed Produce XML Schema following his Serialization Strawman proposal Sandro Hawke 2007-08-10
ACTION-329 (edit) closed Double check whether Manhattan Sept 26-27 option is available. Christopher Welty 2007-07-31
ACTION-330 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Update his dataset/datamodel page according to f2f6 discussion Dave Reynolds 2007-07-31
ACTION-331 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Clarify the issue on mappings from existing data models vs defining a new data modelling language Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-07-31
ACTION-332 (edit) closed State his argument in an email. Dave Reynolds 2007-07-31
ACTION-333 (edit) closed to write the example about classification in an email Michael Kifer 2007-08-16
ACTION-334 (edit) closed Put action 330 on the agenda next week Chris Menzel 2007-09-04
ACTION-335 (edit) closed Put action 330 on the agenda next week Christopher Welty 2007-09-04
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Discuss what is wrong with BLD draft syntax Sandro Hawke 2007-09-04
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Summarize objections to \"sandro\\\\\\\\\'s\" xml syntax Harold Boley 2007-09-04
ACTION-338 (edit) closed Jar up the jaxb version of \"sandros\" xml syntax Gary Hallmark 2007-09-04
ACTION-339 (edit) closed Send message to XML Schema WG comments list Jos de Bruijn 2007-09-11
ACTION-340 (edit) closed Investigate raising Jos\\\\\' identified issues Chris Menzel 2007-09-11
ACTION-341 (edit) closed Investigate raising Jos\\\\\\\\\' identified issues Christopher Welty 2007-09-11
ACTION-342 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Find out from XML Schema WG\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s staff contact how we should proceed with getting a response to Jos\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' email Sandro Hawke 2007-09-18
ACTION-343 (edit) closed Freeze and editors draft of BLD when he\\\\\\\\\'s ready (soon), and send the WG e-mail with the frozen version (or a pointer to it). Harold Boley 2007-09-18
ACTION-344 (edit) closed Create/update f2f8 wiki page Sandro Hawke 2007-10-02
ACTION-345 (edit) closed Open 2 issues on datatype extensibility and symbol spaces Jos de Bruijn 2007-10-02
ACTION-346 (edit) closed Clarify the relationship between AS, PS and semantics Hassan Ait-Kaci 2007-10-04
ACTION-347 (edit) closed Reynolds to edit \"addressing datasets\" issue Dave Reynolds 2007-10-04
ACTION-348 (edit) closed Open membership-formula issue Jos de Bruijn 2007-10-04
ACTION-349 (edit) closed Write up use case on membership-formula Dave Reynolds 2007-11-27
ACTION-350 (edit) closed [Pending discussion] Write up use case on membership-formula Axel Polleres 2008-07-04
ACTION-351 (edit) closed Raise issue about subclass formula Michael Kifer 2007-11-07
ACTION-352 (edit) closed Whether to keep rif:subclass (##) relationship Michael Kifer 2007-11-07
ACTION-353 (edit) closed Raise issue about new structural model for syntax of BLD rules Harold Boley 2007-10-05
ACTION-354 (edit) closed Open an issue on where order has semantics in XML instance docs Sandro Hawke 2007-10-05
ACTION-355 (edit) closed Update diagram in BLD draft Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-10-05
ACTION-356 (edit) closed Raise an issue about xml:lang in rif:text Dave Reynolds 2007-10-16
ACTION-357 (edit) closed And csma to move the action into the tracker Sandro Hawke 2007-10-23
ACTION-358 (edit) closed Move the complete one into the appendix Harold Boley 2007-10-23
ACTION-359 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Motivate abstract model of syntax Axel Polleres 2007-10-24
ACTION-360 (edit) closed Will create the wiki page on test cases Stella Mitchell 2007-10-30
ACTION-361 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Update the Test Cases wiki page to give us a more concrete proposal (or proposals) with one or more examples. Stella Mitchell 2007-11-01 Test Cases
ACTION-362 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Explain in writing the difference in \\\\\'treatment of data types\\\\\' mentioned in PFPS\\\\\'s comment Jos de Bruijn 2007-11-12
ACTION-363 (edit) closed Make a wiki page for replying to PFPS and start drafting reply, including explain why the symbol space for IRIs. Michael Kifer 2007-11-12
ACTION-364 (edit) closed [Pending discussion] Respond to \\\\\'\"Why worry about interpretations where IP is not a subset of IR\", explaing how keeping the option of RDF Entailment open. Jos de Bruijn 2007-11-12
ACTION-365 (edit) closed PENDING DISCUSSION] Draft reply to PFPS about il-typed-literals and make sure Chris likes it Jos de Bruijn 2007-11-12
ACTION-366 (edit) closed Open issue about removing equality from BLD because it\\\\\'s not so practical to implement. Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-11-12
ACTION-367 (edit) closed Start an implementors wiki page Igor Mozetic 2007-11-13
ACTION-368 (edit) closed Open issue on modules, distinct from ISSUE-33 Michael Kifer 2007-11-13
ACTION-369 (edit) closed Send two mails on outcome of Action 342 Jos de Bruijn 2007-11-13
ACTION-370 (edit) closed Look into SW best practices document and draft a resolution for issue 2 Jos de Bruijn 2007-11-13
ACTION-371 (edit) closed Put f2f9 dates and proposals on agenda of telecon Nov 20th Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-11-13
ACTION-372 (edit) closed Start a webform on preferred dates in feb for f2f9. Sandro Hawke 2007-11-13
ACTION-373 (edit) closed Write up strawman extension of Core to BLD. Sandro Hawke 2008-02-20
ACTION-374 (edit) closed Request extension to RIF charter Sandro Hawke 2007-11-13
ACTION-375 (edit) closed Open the issue: how to make sure we avoid invisible extensions Sandro Hawke 2008-02-20
ACTION-376 (edit) closed Put on agenda the BLD plan Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-11-13
ACTION-377 (edit) closed to discuss BLD restructure to allow easier re-use / sharing by PRD etc with RIF WG Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-11-06
ACTION-378 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] All PR engine developers to provide their rule selection strategy and options, in a table on the Wiki 2008-02-20
ACTION-379 (edit) closed Post proposed F2F9 dates by next telecon, i.e. sometime Monday 26th Igor Mozetic 2007-11-27
ACTION-380 (edit) closed Post proposed F2F9 dates by next telecon, i.e. sometime Monday 26th Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-11-27
ACTION-381 (edit) closed Post proposed F2F9 dates by next telecon, i.e. sometime Monday 26th Axel Polleres 2007-11-27
ACTION-382 (edit) closed Report any critical-path issues related to extensibility Sandro Hawke 2008-02-23
ACTION-383 (edit) closed Schedule discussion on OWL compatibility document at future telecon Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-11-27
ACTION-384 (edit) closed [Pending discussion] Post use case for higher order builtins Axel Polleres 2007-11-27
ACTION-385 (edit) closed [Pending discussion] Start document for the list of builtins Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2007-11-27
ACTION-386 (edit) closed Talk to OWL WG chairs about creating a RIF-OWL compatibility task force Christopher Welty 2007-12-04
ACTION-387 (edit) closed propose a real-world example for the classification construct (##) Leora Morgenstern 2007-12-11
ACTION-388 (edit) closed Reply to public-rif-comment Axel Polleres 2007-12-11
ACTION-389 (edit) closed Make a pass on the wiki page for responses to public comments Jos de Bruijn 2007-12-11
ACTION-390 (edit) closed Finish F2F9 proposal Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-12-11
ACTION-391 (edit) closed Finish f2f9 proposal Axel Polleres 2007-12-11
ACTION-392 (edit) closed Set up wbs for f2f9 on friday Sandro Hawke 2007-12-11
ACTION-393 (edit) closed Review the discussion about external calls, including Michael\\\\\'s 2 proposals Axel Polleres 2007-12-11
ACTION-394 (edit) closed Update the agenda template with Zakim french phone number Christian de Sainte Marie 2007-12-18
ACTION-395 (edit) closed Review response to Peter Patel-Schneider Harold Boley 2007-12-18
ACTION-396 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Update BLD syntax for new external calls on the builtins page Paula-Lavinia Patranjan 2007-12-18
ACTION-397 (edit) closed Add builtin page as a new appendix to BLD Harold Boley 2007-12-25
ACTION-398 (edit) closed Test new tracker features Sandro Hawke 2007-12-27
ACTION-399 (edit) closed Open an issue on whether membership and classification are in core Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-01-15
ACTION-400 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Add collation issue to builtins wiki page Dave Reynolds 2008-01-22
ACTION-401 (edit) closed Send responses to PFPS Christopher Welty 2008-01-29
ACTION-402 (edit) closed Make registration questionnaire for f2f9 Sandro Hawke 2008-01-29
ACTION-403 (edit) closed put information on how to make ILOG hotel reservations on F2F9 Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-01-29
ACTION-404 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Update BLD syntax/semantics to reflect resolution on lists Harold Boley 2008-01-29
ACTION-405 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Write a meta-data strawman by 1 week Jos de Bruijn 2008-01-29
ACTION-406 (edit) closed Close issue 36 Christopher Welty 2008-02-05
ACTION-407 (edit) closed [Pending Discussion] Draft a strawman proposal on error (in ExtTerm) Jos de Bruijn 2008-02-05
ACTION-408 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Draft an emali separating the different issues in the question about fct vs predicate forms for builtins Axel Polleres 2008-02-05
ACTION-409 (edit) closed Produce first draft of OWL proposal by Feb 17 Jos de Bruijn 2008-02-12
ACTION-410 (edit) closed Post directions to hotels Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-02-12
ACTION-411 (edit) closed Review FLD Christopher Welty 2008-02-12
ACTION-412 (edit) closed Review bld by F2F Igor Mozetic 2008-02-12
ACTION-413 (edit) closed Write up an example of what he means regarding the metadata proposal Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-02-12
ACTION-414 (edit) closed Be the liason of XBRL Adrian Paschke 2008-02-19
ACTION-415 (edit) closed Review PRD by Friday Gary Hallmark 2008-02-19
ACTION-416 (edit) closed Review PRD by Friday Adrian Paschke 2008-02-19
ACTION-417 (edit) closed Finish BLD appendices by thursday Harold Boley 2008-02-19
ACTION-418 (edit) closed Freeze BLD and put on wiki page Sandro Hawke 2008-02-19
ACTION-419 (edit) closed Review both BLD and FLD Igor Mozetic 2008-02-19
ACTION-420 (edit) closed Review SW-compatibility. Axel Polleres 2008-02-19
ACTION-421 (edit) closed Review BLD Leora Morgenstern 2008-02-19
ACTION-422 (edit) closed Review FLD Stella Mitchell 2008-02-19
ACTION-423 (edit) closed [PENDING] Incorporate new builtin syntax in bld Harold Boley 2008-03-10
ACTION-424 (edit) closed Clear old wiki front page Christopher Welty 2008-02-26
ACTION-425 (edit) closed Make sure that BLD requires explicit quantification Michael Kifer 2008-03-11
ACTION-426 (edit) closed List FLD datatype subtypes explicity Michael Kifer 2008-02-28
ACTION-427 (edit) closed Make sure "ruleset" is used consistently in FLD/BLD Michael Kifer 2008-03-11
ACTION-428 (edit) closed Stabilize DT&B document Axel Polleres 2008-04-11 DTB
ACTION-429 (edit) closed Remove DT&B content from FLD Michael Kifer 2008-03-11
ACTION-430 (edit) closed Move specialization sections to appendices Michael Kifer 2008-03-11 BLD
ACTION-431 (edit) closed Do what he just said Axel Polleres 2008-02-28
ACTION-432 (edit) closed Make a strange use case to generate ill-typed literals Axel Polleres 2008-02-28
ACTION-433 (edit) closed Move 2.0.9 to an appendix Michael Kifer 2008-03-11 BLD
ACTION-434 (edit) closed New draft PRD draft reflecting F2F9 PRD break-out discussion Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-03-28 PRD
ACTION-435 (edit) closed Request 2008/xop or whatever for F&O op Jos de Bruijn 2008-03-25 DTB
ACTION-436 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Propose list of builtins including type checking and casting Axel Polleres 2008-02-29
ACTION-437 (edit) closed Add builtins to semantics of BLD and FLD Michael Kifer 2008-03-11
ACTION-438 (edit) closed [PENDING DISCUSSION] Create a new BNF for FLD and BLD (distinguishing atoms and preds) by Monday 3rd of March Jos de Bruijn 2008-02-29
ACTION-439 (edit) closed Post test cases fir RIF Jeff Pan 2008-02-29 Test Cases
ACTION-440 (edit) closed Add some test cases to the WIKI page about test cases Adrian Paschke 2008-03-26 Test Cases
ACTION-441 (edit) closed Add IRIs to presentation syntax Harold Boley 2008-03-20
ACTION-442 (edit) closed Make proposal for adding metadata into BLD syntax. Harold Boley 2008-04-01
ACTION-443 (edit) closed Update the F2F10 wiki page Axel Polleres 2008-03-18
ACTION-444 (edit) closed Close issue 40 Christopher Welty 2008-03-21
ACTION-445 (edit) closed Make the case, in e-mail, based on examples in 11 March meeting, for keeping Uniterm in the XML Harold Boley 2008-03-18
ACTION-446 (edit) closed Write an example of XML that should not be derived from the BNF of the prez syntax Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-03-25
ACTION-447 (edit) closed Open the issue on terminology around terms/functions Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-03-25
ACTION-448 (edit) closed Put metadata on agenda for next telecon Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-03-25
ACTION-449 (edit) closed Open an issue on naming of XML element Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-03-25
ACTION-450 (edit) closed Make frozen version of UCR. Sandro Hawke 2008-03-25
ACTION-451 (edit) closed Review UCR Gary Hallmark 2008-03-25
ACTION-452 (edit) closed Review UCR Igor Mozetic 2008-05-13 UCR Document
ACTION-453 (edit) closed Send email about UCR Christopher Welty 2008-04-01
ACTION-454 (edit) closed Open an issue on semantic metadata Christopher Welty 2008-05-20
ACTION-455 (edit) closed Stop giving himself actions... Christopher Welty 2008-04-01
ACTION-456 (edit) closed Look over Harold's BNF for metadata Jos de Bruijn 2008-04-01
ACTION-457 (edit) closed Update xml syntax to reflect "option 3" resolution Harold Boley 2008-04-01
ACTION-458 (edit) closed Add metadata and iris for rules/rulesets to the "mathematical english" Michael Kifer 2008-04-01
ACTION-459 (edit) closed Propose a solution for ruleset-imports and external-data-imports, ISSUE-33 and ISSUE-39 Jos de Bruijn 2008-04-08
ACTION-460 (edit) closed Propose solution to ISSUE-34 -- what do you do when you get a ruleset with data values and/or built-in types you don't know? Sandro Hawke 2008-05-02
ACTION-461 (edit) closed Add definition of rif:local to BLD Michael Kifer 2008-04-15
ACTION-462 (edit) closed Review bld Axel Polleres 2008-04-15
ACTION-463 (edit) closed Send e-mail telling the group about us making publication decision on 15 April. Christopher Welty 2008-04-15
ACTION-464 (edit) closed Open F2F10 questionaire by April 22 Sandro Hawke 2008-04-22
ACTION-465 (edit) closed Close issue 14. Christopher Welty 2008-04-22
ACTION-466 (edit) closed Close issue-15 Christopher Welty 2008-04-22
ACTION-467 (edit) closed Close issue-24 Christopher Welty 2008-04-22
ACTION-468 (edit) closed Updated issues lists to reflect resolutions Christopher Welty 2008-04-22
ACTION-469 (edit) closed Do a blog Christopher Welty 2008-04-22
ACTION-470 (edit) closed Propose text for XML syntax extensibility Sandro Hawke 2008-05-20 Syntax Extensibility
ACTION-471 (edit) closed Put dtb on next weeks agenda Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-05-06
ACTION-472 (edit) closed Change "context" to "profile" in BLD and propose an XML syntax Harold Boley 2008-05-13
ACTION-473 (edit) closed Pick IRIs for profiles Jos de Bruijn 2008-05-13
ACTION-474 (edit) closed Open a non-CP issue on importing with mixed profiles Jos de Bruijn 2008-05-13
ACTION-475 (edit) closed Look into mime type registration for RIF Sandro Hawke 2008-05-18
ACTION-476 (edit) closed Propose solution to ISSUE-54 that he's happy with and OWL-RIF TF is happy with Jos de Bruijn 2008-05-13
ACTION-477 (edit) closed Draft some text on compliance Michael Kifer 2008-05-13
ACTION-478 (edit) closed Update DTB according to today's decisions Axel Polleres 2008-05-20
ACTION-479 (edit) closed Ask mdean for the May 6 minutes Christopher Welty 2008-05-27
ACTION-480 (edit) closed Add explanatory text to SWC and reply to asking if it explains the matter sufficiently. due wednesday Jos de Bruijn 2008-06-02
ACTION-481 (edit) closed add section to SWC which guides people familiar with W3C Semantic Web specs about the surprising differences, eg rif:iri Jos de Bruijn 2008-05-28
ACTION-482 (edit) closed Edit DTB to reflect its changed role with regard to DTB (eg in the Abstract) Axel Polleres 2008-06-02
ACTION-483 (edit) closed Add the new duration subtypes to DTB Axel Polleres 2008-06-02
ACTION-484 (edit) closed Make sure BLD includes the appropriate normative reference to DTB to reflect the inclusion of the duration subtypes Michael Kifer 2008-06-16
ACTION-485 (edit) closed Add AT RISK editor's note in BLD explaining that the IRI identifying rif:text might change. Harold Boley 2008-06-02
ACTION-486 (edit) closed Open issue on casts to/from rif:iri for DTB Christopher Welty 2008-06-02
ACTION-487 (edit) closed Change editor's note on casting rif:iri to normal open-issue style, link to new issue on it. Axel Polleres 2008-06-02
ACTION-488 (edit) closed Convert text about concat2, etc, into an editor's note about how the handling of arities is a strawman proposal not yet agreed upon by WG. Axel Polleres 2008-06-02
ACTION-489 (edit) closed Comment out DTB 4.7 or otherwise make sure it doesn't end up in BLD Axel Polleres 2008-06-02
ACTION-490 (edit) closed Update BLD to change lower/upper to instance/class and sub/super. Harold Boley 2008-06-02
ACTION-491 (edit) closed Mark SWC section 3.1.1 as "AT RISK", with explanation. Jos de Bruijn 2008-06-03
ACTION-492 (edit) closed Review changes to SWC Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-07-25
ACTION-493 (edit) closed Change "manner" to "profile" Harold Boley 2008-06-03
ACTION-494 (edit) closed Change "address" to "location" for Imports, in BLD. Harold Boley 2008-06-03
ACTION-495 (edit) closed Respond to Dan2 (about well-formedness) Adrian Paschke 2008-06-03
ACTION-496 (edit) closed Update all examples for Presentation Syntax and XML syntax for curies and entities. Also add Prefix to presentation syntax. Harold Boley 2008-06-03
ACTION-497 (edit) closed Change type of "type" attribute to xs:anyURI (from xs:string) Harold Boley 2008-06-03
ACTION-498 (edit) closed Add text explaining external frames Michael Kifer 2008-06-16
ACTION-499 (edit) closed Add metadata syntax and commentary to BLD. Harold Boley 2008-06-04
ACTION-500 (edit) closed Metadata to mathematical description Michael Kifer 2008-06-16
ACTION-501 (edit) closed Put text about "metadata should survive roundtripping out of RIF and back again" in Conformance section of BLD Harold Boley 2008-06-04
ACTION-502 (edit) closed Put relative IRI handling, with base directive, in BLD Michael Kifer 2008-06-16
ACTION-503 (edit) closed Update BNF with base directive for relative IRI handling in PS Harold Boley 2008-06-04
ACTION-504 (edit) closed Add XML 1.0 statement to BLD Harold Boley 2008-06-04
ACTION-505 (edit) closed Come up with style for "At Risk" comments in document. Sandro Hawke 2008-06-04
ACTION-506 (edit) closed Make editorial changes associated with DTB links in BLD and remove editor's notes Michael Kifer 2008-06-16
ACTION-507 (edit) closed Align syntax, table with overlap between prd and bld, and add editor's note to ask community for comments Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-06-04
ACTION-508 (edit) closed Work out policies for pick (refraction, recency, priority, sequential) Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-06-04
ACTION-509 (edit) closed And adrian to review draft working draft Gary Hallmark 2008-06-04
ACTION-510 (edit) closed Remove UPDATE, EXECUTE and ASSIGN from PRD Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-06-04
ACTION-511 (edit) closed Change REMOVE to RETRACT Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-06-04
ACTION-512 (edit) closed Review Axel's changes to DTB Christopher Welty 2008-06-04
ACTION-513 (edit) closed Put UCR (esp. requirements) on agenda Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-06-04
ACTION-514 (edit) closed Confirm hosting offer for Aug 28-29 Gary Hallmark 2008-06-04
ACTION-515 (edit) closed Confirm hosting offer for Sept 7 and 8 (update wiki) Sandro Hawke 2008-06-10
ACTION-516 (edit) closed Review FLD Christopher Welty 2008-06-23
ACTION-517 (edit) closed Review FLD [june 23] Jos de Bruijn 2008-06-23
ACTION-518 (edit) closed Review explanatory text in section 2 swc Sandro Hawke 2008-06-10
ACTION-519 (edit) closed Start work on response to Jos de Bruijn 2008-06-10
ACTION-520 (edit) closed Testing aciton syntax Jos de Bruijn 2008-06-12
ACTION-521 (edit) closed Work with Jie Bao (of OWL-WG) to put together draft on rif:text/owl:internationalizedText Axel Polleres 2008-06-27
ACTION-522 (edit) closed Ask Michael to update BLD with the DTB references, including "at risk" for rif:text Michael Kifer 2008-06-17
ACTION-523 (edit) closed Update UCR to reflect resolutions in today's meeting (2008-06-10) Adrian Paschke 2008-06-17
ACTION-524 (edit) closed Start the wiki page for the active members of the WG Sandro Hawke 2008-06-17
ACTION-525 (edit) closed Create wiki page for inclusion in pubs, listing active members of WG at current time. Sandro Hawke 2008-06-17
ACTION-526 (edit) closed Make sure DTB discusses URI base directive Christopher Welty 2008-06-24
ACTION-527 (edit) closed Test the XSD examples Gary Hallmark 2008-06-24
ACTION-528 (edit) closed Test the XSD examples Gary Hallmark 2008-06-24
ACTION-529 (edit) closed Add data type list to BLD Michael Kifer 2008-06-24
ACTION-530 (edit) closed Review final BLD LC draft Leora Morgenstern 2008-07-29
ACTION-531 (edit) closed Update PRD examples for next wd Gary Hallmark 2008-06-24
ACTION-532 (edit) closed Open issues on PRD as per editors notes Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-06-24
ACTION-533 (edit) closed Add explaination of relative IRIs wrt base directive to DTB shortcuts Axel Polleres 2008-07-01
ACTION-534 (edit) closed Create f2f11 wiki page Christopher Welty 2008-07-01
ACTION-535 (edit) closed Work on getting access to OWL wiki for internationalized text article Sandro Hawke 2008-07-08
ACTION-536 (edit) closed Finish mime type for BLD Sandro Hawke 2008-07-08
ACTION-537 (edit) closed Mark external frames "at risk" in BLD Harold Boley 2008-07-08
ACTION-538 (edit) closed Review frozen PRD WD Thursday Gary Hallmark 2008-07-08
ACTION-539 (edit) closed Review UCR for next WD Stella Mitchell 2008-07-15
ACTION-540 (edit) closed Review SWC for LC Axel Polleres 2008-07-15
ACTION-541 (edit) closed Review bld Jos de Bruijn 2008-07-15
ACTION-542 (edit) closed Change 4.3.4 to a two arg function (string,lang) Axel Polleres 2008-07-15
ACTION-543 (edit) closed Update access numbers in agenda Christopher Welty 2008-07-15
ACTION-544 (edit) closed Ask Sandro to do the new freezes as soon as FLD is ready to freeze Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-07-22
ACTION-545 (edit) closed Check Axel's text for action-542 (rif:text moving to two argument constructor) Jos de Bruijn 2008-07-22
ACTION-546 (edit) closed Provide a draft of how PRD expressions comply with FLD semantics Michael Kifer 2008-08-05
ACTION-547 (edit) closed Add a link to test cases pages on the RIF front page Christopher Welty 2008-08-12
ACTION-548 (edit) closed Work on test cases Stella Mitchell 2008-08-12
ACTION-549 (edit) closed Work on test cases Adrian Paschke 2008-08-12
ACTION-550 (edit) closed Start a wiki page for recording mailing list announcements sent Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-08-12
ACTION-551 (edit) closed Remove section 4.3.5 from dtb Axel Polleres 2008-08-12
ACTION-552 (edit) closed Summarize open DTB issues in editors notes Axel Polleres 2008-08-12
ACTION-553 (edit) closed Work on making PRD conditions equivalent to BLD conditions Adrian Paschke 2008-08-12
ACTION-554 (edit) closed Work on object creation action for PRD Gary Hallmark 2008-08-12
ACTION-555 (edit) closed Draft email on "frame axioms" for capturing semantics of PRD frames Gary Hallmark 2008-08-12
ACTION-556 (edit) closed Start a core draft wiki page Harold Boley 2008-08-19
ACTION-557 (edit) closed Make WG call for use cases Christopher Welty 2008-08-19
ACTION-558 (edit) closed Draft initial response to PFPS4 Jos de Bruijn 2008-08-19
ACTION-559 (edit) closed Figure out how to link to rdf:text comments Christopher Welty 2008-08-26
ACTION-560 (edit) closed Put DTB review on agenda for next week Christopher Welty 2008-08-26
ACTION-561 (edit) closed Document the BLD/PRD syntax intersection Adrian Paschke 2008-08-26
ACTION-562 (edit) closed Open CORE issues on tracker Dave Reynolds 2008-08-26
ACTION-563 (edit) closed Add "test case for every builtin?" to issues list Christopher Welty 2008-08-26
ACTION-564 (edit) closed Finish PS to XML conversion based on LC BLD grammar Hassan Ait-Kaci 2008-10-31
ACTION-565 (edit) closed Get CVS access for TCG Sandro Hawke 2008-09-03
ACTION-566 (edit) closed Ask MK to look at PFPS4 Christopher Welty 2008-08-26
ACTION-567 (edit) closed Ask axel to look at 2cnd to last comment on PFPS4 Christopher Welty 2008-08-26
ACTION-568 (edit) closed Look at DTB comments in Peters message Axel Polleres 2008-09-02
ACTION-569 (edit) closed Create page that documents abridged syntax Adrian Paschke 2008-09-02
ACTION-570 (edit) closed Draft text for BLD about relation to Common Logic, KIF, etc, as per O'Keefe comment. Harold Boley 2008-09-09
ACTION-571 (edit) closed Open a registration on attendance at F2F11 Sandro Hawke 2008-09-09
ACTION-572 (edit) closed Open an issue on equality in core - explaining choices Harold Boley 2008-09-09
ACTION-573 (edit) closed Ask for a review of RDF&OWL from OWL-wg Sandro Hawke 2008-09-16
ACTION-574 (edit) closed Look at OWL-2-RL rules and consider whether they are implementable in BLD Dave Reynolds 2008-09-16
ACTION-575 (edit) closed Finish responses to public comments by sept 22 Christopher Welty 2008-09-23
ACTION-576 (edit) closed Map existing test cases onto the sections of the spec Leora Morgenstern 2008-09-23
ACTION-577 (edit) closed Write down the definitions of strict and weak safety of a ruleset. Axel Polleres 2008-09-29
ACTION-578 (edit) closed Summarize proposed resolutions from Core task force Harold Boley 2008-09-30
ACTION-579 (edit) closed Implement RIF-XML to PS translator Sandro Hawke 2008-10-31
ACTION-580 (edit) closed Add more description to Jos de Bruijn 2008-10-03
ACTION-581 (edit) closed Improve the description of chaining strategies Axel Polleres 2008-10-03
ACTION-582 (edit) closed Add test case related to that makes all class properties apply to instances Axel Polleres 2008-10-03
ACTION-583 (edit) closed Explain better how/why is so tricky Jos de Bruijn 2008-10-03
ACTION-584 (edit) closed Remind people that "josb" works for assigning actions to him. Jos de Bruijn 2008-10-03
ACTION-585 (edit) closed Update examples in UCR to presentation syntax Adrian Paschke 2008-10-03
ACTION-586 (edit) closed Add a comment in UC 4.6 explaining that the example can be translated to BLD using some kind of encoding Adrian Paschke 2008-10-03
ACTION-587 (edit) closed Remove examples in 4.3 that we have no dialect for, and add comment to make that clear Adrian Paschke 2008-10-03
ACTION-588 (edit) closed Remove examples in 4.4 that we have no dialect for, and add comment to make that clear Leora Morgenstern 2008-10-03
ACTION-589 (edit) closed Rewrite BLD examples from UC 4.8 Dave Reynolds 2008-10-03
ACTION-590 (edit) closed Add a requirement that is satisfied by rdf:text Adrian Paschke 2008-10-03
ACTION-591 (edit) closed Draft a straw proposal addressing part of ISSUE-37, in the area of navigating the schema/data. Gary Hallmark 2008-10-03
ACTION-592 (edit) closed Open issue based on the White Board line: "What about methods -- Ignore" Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-10-03
ACTION-593 (edit) closed Put Test Cases working draft schedule on agenda for next telecon Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-10-03
ACTION-594 (edit) closed Add more to the description of use case equality in conclusion1 Stella Mitchell 2008-10-03
ACTION-595 (edit) closed Add more to the description of use case equality in conclusion2 Stella Mitchell 2008-10-03
ACTION-596 (edit) closed Update description of Inconsistent entailment Jos de Bruijn 2008-10-03
ACTION-597 (edit) closed Update description in Stella Mitchell 2008-10-03
ACTION-598 (edit) closed Update description of Jos de Bruijn 2008-10-03
ACTION-599 (edit) closed Reformulate PRD condition semantics without Adrian Paschke 2008-10-03
ACTION-600 (edit) closed Draft revised metadata conformance wording for BLD Christopher Welty 2008-10-03
ACTION-601 (edit) closed Open an issue on what things are external Christopher Welty 2008-10-04
ACTION-602 (edit) closed Update entailment definition to be for documents and revert rif:local semantics Michael Kifer 2008-10-04
ACTION-603 (edit) closed Discuss in rdf:text task force the including of certain functions and preficates, and name of extractor (eg func:lang-from-text) Axel Polleres 2008-10-04
ACTION-604 (edit) closed Add text for casting to string and equal/not-equal, an (for discussion) from-string (which requires implementing XML canonicalization. Axel Polleres 2008-10-04
ACTION-605 (edit) closed Close issue 61 Christopher Welty 2008-10-04
ACTION-606 (edit) closed Add "Changes Since Last Call" section to BLD Michael Kifer 2008-10-04
ACTION-607 (edit) closed Add change log to SWC Jos de Bruijn 2008-10-04
ACTION-608 (edit) closed Tell Sandro what dates work for F2F12. Gary Hallmark 2008-10-04
ACTION-609 (edit) closed Close issue-76 Christopher Welty 2008-10-04
ACTION-610 (edit) closed Close issue-71 Christopher Welty 2008-10-04
ACTION-611 (edit) closed Closs issue-74 Christopher Welty 2008-10-04
ACTION-612 (edit) closed Start email discussion on ISSUE-78 Christopher Welty 2008-10-10 EXTERNAL
ACTION-613 (edit) closed Put f2f12 on agenda next week Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-10-14
ACTION-614 (edit) closed Start discussion on what test cases we need Leora Morgenstern 2008-10-14
ACTION-615 (edit) closed Decide if we will cancel Oct 28th telecon Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-10-14
ACTION-616 (edit) closed Draft comment to OWL WG on the datatypes we don't support Jos de Bruijn 2008-10-14
ACTION-617 (edit) closed Open an issue on extending DTB with Dave's extended builtins ( Christopher Welty 2008-10-14
ACTION-618 (edit) closed Open issue on extended OWL2RL datatypes Christopher Welty 2008-10-14
ACTION-619 (edit) closed Provide examples in JRules to support discussion on Assert and Modify Changhai Ke 2008-10-14 PRD
ACTION-620 (edit) closed Propose construct for binding local variables in the RHS Gary Hallmark 2008-10-17 PRD
ACTION-621 (edit) closed Start F2F12 wiki page Gary Hallmark 2008-10-21
ACTION-622 (edit) closed Close issue 75 Christopher Welty 2008-10-28
ACTION-623 (edit) closed Put proposal in agenda for next telecon (to close issue-70) Christopher Welty 2008-10-28
ACTION-624 (edit) closed Review UCR in two weeks Stella Mitchell 2008-10-28
ACTION-625 (edit) closed Review UCR in two weeks Gary Hallmark 2008-10-28
ACTION-626 (edit) closed Freeze RDF&OWL Sandro Hawke 2008-10-28
ACTION-627 (edit) closed Review RDF&OWL Christopher Welty 2008-10-28
ACTION-628 (edit) closed Review RDF&OWL in two weeks Yuting Zhao 2008-10-28
ACTION-629 (edit) closed Review RDF&OWL in two weeks Stuart Taylor 2008-10-28
ACTION-630 (edit) closed Open issue on ambiguity in presentation syntax Christopher Welty 2008-10-28
ACTION-631 (edit) closed Make a positive syntax test version of Argument names not Const Stella Mitchell 2008-10-28
ACTION-632 (edit) closed Ask adiran to shorten test case Class Membership Sandro Hawke 2008-10-28
ACTION-633 (edit) closed Discuss how to specify prefixes on email Christopher Welty 2008-10-28
ACTION-634 (edit) closed Explain "refraction" VS "non-repeatability" Changhai Ke 2008-10-28 PICK
ACTION-635 (edit) closed Write an email to RDB2RDF on RIF Axel Polleres 2008-11-11
ACTION-636 (edit) closed Open issue about unification in CORE and PRD being limited to pattern matching Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-11-11
ACTION-637 (edit) closed Generate test case manifests Sandro Hawke 2008-11-11
ACTION-638 (edit) closed Put UCR on agenda for next week Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-11-11
ACTION-639 (edit) closed Freeze rdf:text Sandro Hawke 2008-11-11
ACTION-640 (edit) closed Review rdf:text Stuart Taylor 2008-11-11
ACTION-641 (edit) closed Review rdf:text by friday Jos de Bruijn 2008-11-11
ACTION-642 (edit) closed Review rdf:text Christopher Welty 2008-11-11
ACTION-643 (edit) closed Change times to standard time in agenda Christopher Welty 2008-11-18
ACTION-644 (edit) closed Draft comment to ok Christopher Welty 2008-11-18
ACTION-645 (edit) closed Send WL response Christopher Welty 2008-11-18
ACTION-646 (edit) closed Draft response to Gary Hallmark 2008-11-18
ACTION-647 (edit) closed Add editors note regarding status of finite/infinite characters Axel Polleres 2008-11-18
ACTION-648 (edit) closed Add editors note on xml schema compatibility Axel Polleres 2008-11-18
ACTION-649 (edit) closed Send proposed editors note to rdf:text Jos de Bruijn 2008-11-18
ACTION-650 (edit) closed Publish rdf:text Sandro Hawke 2008-11-18
ACTION-651 (edit) closed Close issue 64 Christopher Welty 2008-11-18
ACTION-652 (edit) closed Write some more pathological test cases for potentially confusing uses of iri-string predicate Jos de Bruijn 2008-11-18
ACTION-653 (edit) closed Open issue on polyadic functions per not in DTB 3.5 Christopher Welty 2008-11-18
ACTION-654 (edit) closed Put remaining DTB editors notes on agenda Christopher Welty 2008-11-18
ACTION-655 (edit) closed Update EBNF to match BLD Dave Reynolds 2008-11-24
ACTION-656 (edit) closed Review Core by two weeks Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-12-02
ACTION-657 (edit) closed Review core by two weeks Leora Morgenstern 2008-12-02
ACTION-658 (edit) closed Review PRD Michael Kifer 2008-12-02
ACTION-659 (edit) closed review PRD Hassan Ait-Kaci 2008-12-03
ACTION-660 (edit) closed review test Sandro Hawke 2008-12-02
ACTION-661 (edit) closed review test Gary Hallmark 2008-12-02
ACTION-662 (edit) closed Put string= proposed resolution on next week's agenda Christian de Sainte Marie 2008-11-25
ACTION-663 (edit) closed Consider issue on representing test cases in BLD (not expressive for a lot of cases) Christopher Welty 2008-11-25
ACTION-664 (edit) closed Figure process for RDF errata (re: fixing rdf:xmlliteral) Sandro Hawke 2008-12-02
ACTION-665 (edit) closed Look at CORE formatting problem Sandro Hawke 2008-12-02
ACTION-666 (edit) closed Look over reply to RAK Christopher Welty 2008-12-09
ACTION-667 (edit) closed Set up call with OWL WG for joint RDF&OWL TF Christopher Welty 2008-12-09
ACTION-668 (edit) closed Look at what it would take to add OWL-2 compatibility to RDF&OWL Jos de Bruijn 2008-12-09
ACTION-669 (edit) closed Incorporate and address Jos' comments from Axel Polleres 2008-12-09
ACTION-670 (edit) closed Confirm axel's participation for owl telecon Christopher Welty 2008-12-16
ACTION-671 (edit) closed Make teleconf reservation for F2F12 Sandro Hawke 2008-12-16
ACTION-672 (edit) closed Send email to OWL wg asking about tooling for "functional syntax" Sandro Hawke 2008-12-16
ACTION-673 (edit) closed Check on software for parsing OWL2 Functional Syntax, for use with test cases like Sandro Hawke 2008-12-16
ACTION-674 (edit) closed Open rdf:text issue Christopher Welty 2008-12-23
ACTION-675 (edit) closed Open issue on string subclassOf rdf:text Christopher Welty 2008-12-23
ACTION-676 (edit) closed Look into videoconf support for F2F12 Gary Hallmark 2008-12-23
ACTION-677 (edit) closed Update ISSUE-67 to indicate discussion is postponed until the presentation syntax is finished Christopher Welty 2008-12-30
ACTION-678 (edit) closed Send response to TK2 Christopher Welty 2009-01-13
ACTION-679 (edit) closed Open registration poll for f2f12 Sandro Hawke 2009-01-13
ACTION-680 (edit) closed Close issue-79 and update issue-80 to reflect closing of membership part Christopher Welty 2009-01-13
ACTION-681 (edit) closed Update DTB to reflect resolution on guards Axel Polleres 2009-01-13
ACTION-682 (edit) closed Edit ISSUE-81 to explain the technical reason that make owl:real, xsd:hexBinary, xsd:base64Binary incompatible with RIF current data types Jos de Bruijn 2009-01-13
ACTION-683 (edit) closed Ask Dave to have a look at ISSUE-81 before F2F12 Jos de Bruijn 2009-01-13
ACTION-684 (edit) closed to add a version of with the import having a ^^xs:string Jos de Bruijn 2009-01-21
ACTION-685 (edit) closed Write a test case or two to illiustrate how ## and rdfs:subClassOf relate Jos de Bruijn 2009-01-21
ACTION-686 (edit) closed Remind Sandro that 'josb' works in assigning actions. Jos de Bruijn 2009-01-21
ACTION-687 (edit) closed Write a proposed new definition of the safeness restriction Jos de Bruijn 2009-01-22
ACTION-688 (edit) closed Write some safeness test cases Jos de Bruijn 2009-01-22
ACTION-689 (edit) closed Coreify SWC Jos de Bruijn 2009-01-22
ACTION-690 (edit) closed Specify core as a specialisation of PRD Gary Hallmark 2009-01-22
ACTION-691 (edit) closed Remove NAU from PRD Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-01-22
ACTION-692 (edit) closed Draft modularized Core and PRD schema, coordinating with Harold on BLD Schema Changhai Ke 2009-03-02
ACTION-693 (edit) closed Push back on OWL-WG about disjoint value spaces Jos de Bruijn 2009-01-22
ACTION-694 (edit) closed Investigate what sort of local time zone semantics (ie java.Calendar semantics) his rulesets need. Gary Hallmark 2009-01-22
ACTION-695 (edit) closed Agree with xs:dateTimeStamp proposal or send us arguments against it. Changhai Ke 2009-01-23
ACTION-696 (edit) closed Start survey, including question about objecting to having it in north america again. Sandro Hawke 2009-01-23
ACTION-697 (edit) closed Contact ivanh about RDF erratum Jos de Bruijn 2009-01-23
ACTION-698 (edit) closed Draft formal response to the OWL WG regarding datatype disjointness Christopher Welty 2009-01-27
ACTION-699 (edit) closed Close issue-50 and 83 Christopher Welty 2009-02-03
ACTION-700 (edit) closed Report on possibility of closing literal-not-equal issue-80 Axel Polleres 2009-02-03
ACTION-701 (edit) closed Put this on agenda (syntax discussion on NAU names) Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-02-03
ACTION-702 (edit) closed Correct safeness definition (wrt mapping for variables) Jos de Bruijn 2009-02-10
ACTION-703 (edit) closed Investigate implementations that will reject infinite rulesets Axel Polleres 2009-02-10
ACTION-704 (edit) closed Add the generic equality predicates to DTB for discussion (editors note this is still under discussion) Axel Polleres 2009-02-10
ACTION-705 (edit) closed Open an issue on whether datatype iris shoudl map to the datatypes themselves Christopher Welty 2009-02-17
ACTION-706 (edit) closed schedule presentation syntax task force telecon Christopher Welty 1970-01-01
ACTION-707 (edit) closed Add text to SWC indicating \"implementations should reject\" graphs with rdf:text etc Jos de Bruijn 2009-02-24
ACTION-708 (edit) closed Add import rejection test category to test cases and add combination constant equivalence test case Stella Mitchell 2009-03-02
ACTION-709 (edit) closed Put merged PS on agenda for Mar 3 Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-02-24
ACTION-710 (edit) closed Find an example of equality between datatypes within the same value space that is not identity Jos de Bruijn 2009-03-03
ACTION-711 (edit) closed Draft a proposal for lists that will (hopefully) work in Core (and other dialects) Michael Kifer 2009-03-24
ACTION-712 (edit) closed Put OWL datatypes on upcoming telecon Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-03-17
ACTION-713 (edit) closed Ask JeffP if he will complete his action Christopher Welty 2009-03-17
ACTION-714 (edit) closed Open issue on safeness Christopher Welty 2009-03-17
ACTION-715 (edit) closed Write a paragraph on ES-safeness in Core Axel Polleres 2009-03-17
ACTION-716 (edit) closed Close issue 92 Christopher Welty 2009-03-31
ACTION-717 (edit) closed Check impact of pred:literal-not-identical to OWL-RL ruleset Jos de Bruijn 2009-03-31
ACTION-718 (edit) closed Review rdf:text for RIF Sandro Hawke 2009-03-31
ACTION-719 (edit) closed Query axel on whether to move rdf:text F&Os to DTB Christopher Welty 2009-04-07
ACTION-720 (edit) closed Add definition of literal-< (etc) to DTB Sandro Hawke 2009-04-07
ACTION-721 (edit) closed Close issue-80 Christopher Welty 2009-04-07
ACTION-722 (edit) closed Update OWL-RL document to reflect discussion on safeness (esp. in light of new nonidential preciate) Dave Reynolds 2009-04-07
ACTION-723 (edit) closed COREify SWC document Jos de Bruijn 2009-04-07
ACTION-724 (edit) closed Summarize core-ifying owl in email Jos de Bruijn 2009-04-07
ACTION-725 (edit) closed Review rdf:text Jos de Bruijn 2009-04-14
ACTION-726 (edit) closed Remove string <>= from DTB Axel Polleres 2009-04-14
ACTION-727 (edit) closed Close issue-67 Christopher Welty 2009-04-14
ACTION-728 (edit) closed Summarize objection to iris denoting themselves in email Michael Kifer 2009-04-14
ACTION-729 (edit) closed Close issue-91 Christopher Welty 2009-04-14
ACTION-730 (edit) closed Remove at risk comment on rtfn: namespace and check with OWL WG Axel Polleres 2009-04-14
ACTION-731 (edit) closed Send message about no telecon next week Christopher Welty 2009-04-14
ACTION-732 (edit) closed Close issue-86 issue-87 Christopher Welty 2009-04-22
ACTION-733 (edit) closed Review owl-2 rl embedding of combinations Axel Polleres 2009-04-22
ACTION-734 (edit) closed Implement resolution on embedding of OWL-2 RL embedding of combinations Jos de Bruijn 2009-04-22
ACTION-735 (edit) closed Add xsd:nonNegativeInteger, xsd:anyURI, xsd:hexBinary, xsd:base64Binary in DTB Axel Polleres 2009-04-22
ACTION-736 (edit) closed Add owl:real in DTB Axel Polleres 2009-04-22
ACTION-737 (edit) closed Include all the builtins for xs:boolean per F&O Axel Polleres 2009-04-22
ACTION-738 (edit) closed Add all boolean builtins Axel Polleres 2009-04-22
ACTION-739 (edit) closed Add xs:float to numeric builtins Axel Polleres 2009-04-22
ACTION-740 (edit) closed Accomodate casting functions in a well defined manner Axel Polleres 2009-04-22
ACTION-741 (edit) closed Close issue-81 Christopher Welty 2009-04-22
ACTION-742 (edit) closed Respond to OWL WG public comment response Christopher Welty 2009-04-22
ACTION-743 (edit) closed Propose builtins for lists based on xpath sequence Gary Hallmark 2009-04-22
ACTION-744 (edit) closed Add text to PRD about how folks should get rid of do/assert when they can. Gary Hallmark 2009-04-22
ACTION-745 (edit) closed Draft some text for BLD about consumers doing translations-to-Core when they can. Harold Boley 2009-04-22
ACTION-746 (edit) closed Close issue-94 Christopher Welty 2009-04-22
ACTION-747 (edit) closed Close issue-57 Christopher Welty 2009-04-22
ACTION-748 (edit) closed Add modify to PRD spec as we defined it Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-04-22
ACTION-749 (edit) closed Draft E-S safety and make informative instead of at-risk, update conformance requirment Axel Polleres 2009-04-23
ACTION-750 (edit) closed Restrict use of symbol spaces in compliance section of BLD Michael Kifer 2009-04-23
ACTION-751 (edit) closed (PRD editors) to add eggsecute, modify, and print to prd Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-04-23
ACTION-752 (edit) closed Close issue 62 Christopher Welty 2009-04-23
ACTION-753 (edit) closed Close issue-93 Christopher Welty 2009-04-23
ACTION-754 (edit) closed Add guards back to DTB with naming conventions Axel Polleres 2009-04-23
ACTION-755 (edit) closed Update xml schema syntax for import Harold Boley 2009-04-23
ACTION-756 (edit) closed Update ps to add <> to base, prefix and import Harold Boley 2009-04-23
ACTION-757 (edit) closed Close issue-96 Christopher Welty 2009-04-23
ACTION-758 (edit) closed Update CORE to implement issue-99 and issue 100 Harold Boley 2009-04-23
ACTION-759 (edit) closed Add the syntax and semantics of lists to BLD Michael Kifer 2009-04-24
ACTION-760 (edit) closed Add the list builtins in DTB Sandro Hawke 2009-04-24
ACTION-761 (edit) closed Add the restriction on list in Core Adrian Paschke 2009-04-24
ACTION-762 (edit) closed Amends the XML schema for Core. Harold Boley 2009-04-24
ACTION-763 (edit) closed Add lists to PRD. Gary Hallmark 2009-04-24
ACTION-764 (edit) closed Close issue-95 Christopher Welty 2009-04-24
ACTION-765 (edit) closed Make the references be to XML schema 1.1 in all RIF documents Sandro Hawke 2009-04-24
ACTION-766 (edit) closed Close issue-98 Christopher Welty 2009-04-24
ACTION-767 (edit) closed Review PRD Harold Boley 2009-04-24
ACTION-768 (edit) closed Review Core Changhai Ke 2009-04-24
ACTION-769 (edit) closed Review PRD Changhai Ke 2009-04-24
ACTION-770 (edit) closed Review Core Jos de Bruijn 2009-04-24
ACTION-771 (edit) closed Review DTB Jos de Bruijn 2009-04-24
ACTION-772 (edit) closed Review swc Axel Polleres 2009-04-24
ACTION-773 (edit) closed Review BLD Axel Polleres 2009-04-24
ACTION-774 (edit) closed Review FLD Christopher Welty 2009-04-24
ACTION-775 (edit) closed Review dtb Adrian Paschke 2009-04-24
ACTION-776 (edit) closed Review bld Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-04-24
ACTION-777 (edit) closed Review prd (lower priority than his other reviews) Jos de Bruijn 2009-04-24
ACTION-778 (edit) closed Review FLD Stella Mitchell 2009-04-24
ACTION-779 (edit) closed Review SWC Gary Hallmark 2009-04-24
ACTION-780 (edit) closed Refactor BLD schema to import Core (help from cke) Gary Hallmark 2009-04-24
ACTION-781 (edit) closed Write some list test cases Jos de Bruijn 2009-04-24
ACTION-782 (edit) closed Talk to ontoprise about RIF implementation & timeframe Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-04-24
ACTION-783 (edit) closed Talk to Dave about implementation Christopher Welty 2009-04-24
ACTION-784 (edit) closed Talk to Mark Proctor about RIF implementation Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-04-24
ACTION-785 (edit) closed Provide an ALL-builtins testcase. Axel Polleres 2009-04-24
ACTION-786 (edit) closed Makr argnamesinuniterms as rejected Stella Mitchell 2009-04-24
ACTION-787 (edit) closed Change Assert test case as in meeting minutes Adrian Paschke 2009-04-24
ACTION-788 (edit) closed Modify AssertRetract in the same way as Assert Adrian Paschke 2009-04-24
ACTION-789 (edit) closed Update Retract test case as with assert, fixing object retraction Adrian Paschke 2009-04-24
ACTION-790 (edit) closed Fix ClassMembership and rename Adrian Paschke 2009-04-24
ACTION-791 (edit) closed Write test cases for PRD Changhai Ke 2009-04-24
ACTION-792 (edit) closed Add note in test case document that negative tests 'go down' and positive tests "go up" Stella Mitchell 2009-04-24
ACTION-793 (edit) closed Write a core version of factorial Gary Hallmark 2009-04-24
ACTION-794 (edit) closed Start publications page with first entry Harold Boley 2009-04-28
ACTION-795 (edit) closed Start RIF publications page on the wiki Harold Boley 2009-04-28
ACTION-796 (edit) closed Put correspondence between RIF and RDF lists on next week's agenda Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-04-28
ACTION-797 (edit) closed Update xml syntax of lists Harold Boley 2009-05-05
ACTION-798 (edit) closed Write conformance section for SWC Jos de Bruijn 2009-05-05
ACTION-799 (edit) closed Extend SWC with lists, with 1-to-1 and extensions as alternatives Jos de Bruijn 2009-05-05
ACTION-800 (edit) closed Add PRD conformance clause Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-05-05
ACTION-801 (edit) closed Update PRD presentatoin syntax Adrian Paschke 2009-05-05
ACTION-802 (edit) closed Update the xml syntax for generalized quanitifiers by may 7 Harold Boley 2009-05-05
ACTION-803 (edit) closed Update mathematic syntax for Core to reflect restricted lists Adrian Paschke 2009-05-12
ACTION-804 (edit) closed Add make-list to DTB Sandro Hawke 2009-05-12
ACTION-805 (edit) closed Make list membership builtins use rif:= Sandro Hawke 2009-05-12
ACTION-806 (edit) closed Remove deep-eq Sandro Hawke 2009-05-12
ACTION-807 (edit) closed Add D-sub-list to BLD, with an anchor so List builtins can refer to it. Michael Kifer 2009-05-12
ACTION-808 (edit) closed make "1:1" for rdf:lists be at-risk Jos de Bruijn 1970-01-01 OWL/RDF Compatibility
ACTION-809 (edit) closed Respond to harolds comments Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-05-19
ACTION-810 (edit) closed Draft a paragraph describing the status of the presentation syntax Christopher Welty 2009-05-19
ACTION-811 (edit) closed Check that all RIF datatypes have a canonical representation Axel Polleres 2009-05-19
ACTION-812 (edit) closed Define cast from xmlliteral to streing Axel Polleres 2009-05-19
ACTION-813 (edit) closed Find clarification on year-from-duration from XPATH wg Axel Polleres 2009-05-19
ACTION-814 (edit) closed Provide formal mapping for list preds & funs Jos de Bruijn 2009-05-19
ACTION-815 (edit) closed Mark rdf:text at risk in DTB Axel Polleres 2009-05-26
ACTION-816 (edit) closed Rename "primitive" datatypes to datatypes Axel Polleres 2009-05-26
ACTION-817 (edit) closed Make sure base takes absolute IRI in DTB Axel Polleres 2009-05-26
ACTION-818 (edit) closed Make base directive iris absolute Axel Polleres 2009-05-26
ACTION-819 (edit) closed Add append to DTB Sandro Hawke 2009-05-26
ACTION-820 (edit) closed Move the shortnames out of the definition of symbol spaces, and remove shortnames for iri and local Axel Polleres 2009-05-26
ACTION-821 (edit) closed Review pending DTB actions (815-820) Leora Morgenstern 2009-05-26
ACTION-822 (edit) closed Change subscript "l" in 6.1 to something else (not so confused with "1") and have Jos proof-read the change. Gary Hallmark 2009-05-26
ACTION-823 (edit) closed Review changes to BLD Axel Polleres 2009-05-26
ACTION-824 (edit) closed Review PRD operational and model=theoretic conditions are = Christopher Welty 2009-06-02
ACTION-825 (edit) closed Clarify in PRD that safeness is required to guarantee that constraint solving is not needed Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-06-02
ACTION-826 (edit) closed Add, if possible, an operational definition of safety Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-06-02
ACTION-827 (edit) closed Fix or remove appendix 13 Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-06-02
ACTION-828 (edit) closed Review csma changes to PRD Gary Hallmark 2009-06-02
ACTION-829 (edit) closed Update SWC to new BLD definition of multi-structures Jos de Bruijn 2009-06-02
ACTION-830 (edit) closed Review jos' edits to SWC Axel Polleres 2009-06-02
ACTION-831 (edit) closed Finish the SWC proofs or remove them Jos de Bruijn 2009-06-02
ACTION-832 (edit) closed Update wording in intro & abstract to use "SHOULD" Michael Kifer 2009-06-02
ACTION-833 (edit) closed Send email about the XML schemas TF Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-06-02
ACTION-834 (edit) closed Do the name changes in DTB and rdf:PlainLiteral Axel Polleres 2009-06-09
ACTION-835 (edit) closed Review rdf:text this week Axel Polleres 2009-06-09
ACTION-836 (edit) closed Address AlanR's comments Axel Polleres 2009-06-09
ACTION-837 (edit) closed Start an FAQ wiki Sandro Hawke 2009-06-09
ACTION-838 (edit) closed Update groups in BLD syntax and semantics by today Harold Boley 2009-06-16
ACTION-839 (edit) closed Amend BLD treatment of empty groups to be consistent Harold Boley 2009-06-16
ACTION-840 (edit) closed Check with Jos about publishing proofs anyway Christopher Welty 2009-06-16
ACTION-841 (edit) closed Review new safeness Gary Hallmark 2009-06-16
ACTION-842 (edit) closed Provide some feedback on new safeness by tomorrow Dave Reynolds 2009-06-16
ACTION-843 (edit) closed Remove current PRD safeness definition, and prepare to "plug in" new one Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-06-16
ACTION-844 (edit) closed Go over test cases for core/bld/prd Stella Mitchell 2009-06-16
ACTION-845 (edit) closed Review All_Builtins, Assert, and AssertRetract Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-06-16
ACTION-846 (edit) closed Review RDF_Constant_Equivalence and RDF Invalid constants test cases Dave Reynolds 2009-06-16
ACTION-847 (edit) closed Review Class Membership and Frames test cases Harold Boley 2009-06-16
ACTION-848 (edit) closed Review RDF Combination subclass test cases Stella Mitchell 2009-06-16
ACTION-849 (edit) closed Review NestedLists and NotAssertRetract test cases Leora Morgenstern 2009-06-16
ACTION-850 (edit) closed Review Element Equality, and List* test cases Christopher Welty 2009-06-16
ACTION-851 (edit) closed Review Malformed Lists, Modify, Modify loop, and Modify noloop test cases Sandro Hawke 2009-06-16
ACTION-852 (edit) closed Review Multiple* test cases Gary Hallmark 2009-06-16
ACTION-853 (edit) closed Update XML syntax for Core and BLD to use xml:lang attribute for consts Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-06-30
ACTION-854 (edit) closed Check all docs for use of "rdf:text" Axel Polleres 2009-06-30
ACTION-855 (edit) closed Announce to ODM, CL, dbpedia, lod, ontolog Christopher Welty 2009-07-14
ACTION-856 (edit) closed Announce to RuleML, NRCC, UNB Harold Boley 2009-07-14
ACTION-857 (edit) closed Announce to RR, XSB, F-Logic, Flora, Lprolog Michael Kifer 2009-07-14
ACTION-858 (edit) closed Announce to KR, ask about AAAI, check commonsense Leora Morgenstern 2009-07-14
ACTION-859 (edit) closed Annoucne to swi-prolog Sandro Hawke 2009-07-14
ACTION-860 (edit) closed Announce to hp internal and jena-dev Dave Reynolds 2009-07-14
ACTION-861 (edit) closed Announce inside oracle, drules, jess Gary Hallmark 2009-07-14
ACTION-862 (edit) closed Devise a "deep" equality test case Michael Kifer 2009-07-14
ACTION-863 (edit) closed Contact Jos de Roo Sandro Hawke 2009-07-14
ACTION-864 (edit) closed Contact Doug Lenat (Cleveland Clinic) Sandro Hawke 2009-07-14
ACTION-865 (edit) closed Contact Minsu Cheng Christopher Welty 2009-07-14
ACTION-866 (edit) closed Contact Markas? Dave Reynolds 2009-07-14
ACTION-867 (edit) closed Contact Luis Polo. Christopher Welty 2009-07-14
ACTION-868 (edit) closed Contact Michael Sintek Harold Boley 2009-07-14
ACTION-869 (edit) closed Contact Giorgos Dave Reynolds 2009-07-14
ACTION-870 (edit) closed Contact MOZ Sandro Hawke 2009-07-14
ACTION-871 (edit) closed Contact NCSR. Christopher Welty 2009-07-14
ACTION-872 (edit) closed Contact Igor Mozetic. Harold Boley 2009-07-14
ACTION-873 (edit) closed Contact Leo Obrst. Christopher Welty 2009-07-14
ACTION-874 (edit) closed Contact Guido Governatori. Harold Boley 2009-07-14
ACTION-875 (edit) closed Contact Evan Wallace (then Edward Barkmeyer). Leora Morgenstern 2009-07-14
ACTION-876 (edit) closed Contact Said Tabet. Harold Boley 2009-07-14
ACTION-877 (edit) closed Contact William Andersen. Christopher Welty 2009-07-14
ACTION-878 (edit) closed Contact Elisa Kendall. Christopher Welty 2009-07-14
ACTION-879 (edit) closed Contact SRI. Mike Dean 2009-07-14
ACTION-880 (edit) closed Contact David Jones (Boeing). Mike Dean 2009-07-14
ACTION-881 (edit) closed Contact Aberdeen colleagues. Dave Reynolds 2009-07-14
ACTION-882 (edit) closed Contact University of Innsbruck. Christopher Welty 2009-07-14
ACTION-883 (edit) closed Answer FAQ 3.7 Mike Dean 2009-07-14
ACTION-884 (edit) closed Answer FAQ 3.6 Harold Boley 2009-07-14
ACTION-885 (edit) closed Answer FAQ 3.2-3.3 and 3.5 for RL Dave Reynolds 2009-07-14
ACTION-886 (edit) closed Answer FAQ 4.3 - 4.4 Stella Mitchell 2009-07-14
ACTION-887 (edit) closed Answer FAQ 4.2 Leora Morgenstern 2009-07-14
ACTION-888 (edit) closed Answer FAQ 4.3 Gary Hallmark 2009-07-14
ACTION-889 (edit) closed Answer FAQ 4.1 Stella Mitchell 2009-07-14
ACTION-890 (edit) closed Answer FAQ 3.8 Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-07-14
ACTION-891 (edit) closed Post media-type registration to IETF lists Sandro Hawke 2009-07-14
ACTION-892 (edit) closed Get an OWL-WG comment on RIF Sandro Hawke 2009-07-28
ACTION-893 (edit) closed Change implementation page Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-07-28
ACTION-894 (edit) closed Add possible/potential implemenations on the Wiki page (labeled as potential implementations) Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-07-28
ACTION-895 (edit) closed Ask participants of RuleML-2008 which did RIF demos to send comments Adrian Paschke 2009-07-28
ACTION-896 (edit) closed Ask Jos about Sandro Hawke 2009-07-28
ACTION-897 (edit) closed Ask jos and axel to answer 3.10 and 3.11 Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-08-04
ACTION-898 (edit) closed Answer faq 3.9 Leora Morgenstern 2009-08-04
ACTION-899 (edit) closed Look for a template for implementation reports Sandro Hawke 2009-08-04
ACTION-900 (edit) closed Update with text and examples by end of Aug (XML data document) Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-08-04
ACTION-901 (edit) closed Contact WL for response Christopher Welty 2009-09-01
ACTION-902 (edit) closed Look at message from Nick B. and check FLD schema Harold Boley 2009-09-01
ACTION-903 (edit) closed Make sure if OWL does a normative appendix for XSD 1.1, that it's phrased in a way that makes it also work for RIF. Sandro Hawke 2009-09-08
ACTION-904 (edit) closed Try to dig up XML RIF store Christopher Welty 2009-09-08
ACTION-905 (edit) closed Ask Gary about status of implementation Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-09-08
ACTION-906 (edit) closed Request creation of public-rif-dev Sandro Hawke 2009-09-08
ACTION-907 (edit) closed Refactor All Builtins testcase Stella Mitchell 2009-09-08
ACTION-908 (edit) closed Fix/update AssertRetract test case Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-09-08
ACTION-909 (edit) closed Check into XML syntax for PRD test cases Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-09-08
ACTION-910 (edit) closed Update Sept 1 minutes Leora Morgenstern 2009-09-22
ACTION-911 (edit) closed Respond to laun Gary Hallmark 2009-09-22
ACTION-912 (edit) closed Send email about implementation reports Christopher Welty 2009-09-22
ACTION-913 (edit) closed Send ilog implementation report Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-09-22
ACTION-914 (edit) closed Replace name, var, and dialect by ncname in all BNF grammars Axel Polleres 2009-09-22
ACTION-915 (edit) closed Update xml data document by 1 week Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-09-22
ACTION-916 (edit) closed Review changes to xml document by 2 weeks Gary Hallmark 2009-09-22
ACTION-917 (edit) closed Review changes to xml document by 2 weeks Dave Reynolds 2009-09-22
ACTION-918 (edit) closed Respond to damasio after change to syntax Axel Polleres 2009-09-22
ACTION-919 (edit) closed Put IRIs within <...> in the Prefix directive in DTB Axel Polleres 2009-09-22
ACTION-920 (edit) closed Look at informal list mappings Axel Polleres 2009-09-22
ACTION-921 (edit) closed Review the OWL2RL by 1 week Jos de Bruijn 2009-09-22
ACTION-922 (edit) closed Link RIF intro from home page Christopher Welty 2009-09-22
ACTION-923 (edit) closed Review RIF Guide Christopher Welty 2009-09-22
ACTION-924 (edit) closed Review test cases Mike Dean 2009-09-22
ACTION-925 (edit) closed Review RIF Guide Leora Morgenstern 2009-09-22
ACTION-926 (edit) closed Review test cases Sandro Hawke 2009-09-22
ACTION-927 (edit) closed Draft text for DTB on negative guards -- due today Sandro Hawke 2009-10-06
ACTION-928 (edit) closed Update mappings section of DTB to resolve type promotion issue Jos de Bruijn 2009-10-06
ACTION-929 (edit) closed Send Christopher Welty 2009-10-20
ACTION-930 (edit) closed Look at Michael Kifer 2009-10-20
ACTION-931 (edit) closed Send CSMA fixes for PRD EBNF Stella Mitchell 2009-10-20
ACTION-932 (edit) closed Send the response to W Laun Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-11-03
ACTION-933 (edit) closed Add the syntax for location and profile to agenda of next telecon Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-11-03
ACTION-934 (edit) closed Send implementation report Gary Hallmark 2009-11-03
ACTION-935 (edit) open Talk to Stella about how to get BLD/PRD negative syntax test cases to appear as relevant to Core Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-11-03
ACTION-936 (edit) closed Move that test case to new category Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-11-03
ACTION-937 (edit) closed Draft reply to public comment CD2 Michael Kifer 2009-11-17
ACTION-938 (edit) closed Draft reply to public comment AR4 Harold Boley 2009-11-17
ACTION-939 (edit) closed Draft reply to public comment CD3 Michael Kifer 2009-11-17
ACTION-940 (edit) closed Draft reply for AR5 Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-11-17
ACTION-941 (edit) closed Draft reply to EM3 (David Mott: question on FLD) Michael Kifer 2009-11-17
ACTION-942 (edit) closed Draft reponse to TK3 (Thomas Krekeler) Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-11-17
ACTION-943 (edit) closed Send email to Jos regarding Ian Horrock's public comments on discussion of OWL Christopher Welty 2009-11-17
ACTION-944 (edit) closed Summarize issue of imports argument and propose a solution Harold Boley 2009-11-17
ACTION-945 (edit) closed Put this discussion on the agenda for next time Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-11-17
ACTION-946 (edit) closed Put syntax of imports on next agenda Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-11-17
ACTION-947 (edit) closed Send email to implementors asking for test results. Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-11-17
ACTION-948 (edit) closed Modify retract case. Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-11-17
ACTION-949 (edit) closed Send response DM3 Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-12-01
ACTION-950 (edit) closed Send response cd2 Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-12-01
ACTION-951 (edit) closed Get implementation report for SIL Mike Dean 2009-12-01
ACTION-952 (edit) closed Follow up with chime on fuxi implementation report Sandro Hawke 2009-12-01
ACTION-953 (edit) closed Contact josderoo about implementation report and test case submission for eye Harold Boley 2009-12-01
ACTION-954 (edit) closed Submit implementation report Gary Hallmark 2009-12-01
ACTION-955 (edit) closed Contact Adrian Marte at STI2 about test cases and DTB support Jos de Bruijn 2009-12-01
ACTION-956 (edit) closed Move hexbinary TC with base64binary Stella Mitchell 2009-12-01
ACTION-957 (edit) closed Send cd3 Christian de Sainte Marie 2009-12-15
ACTION-958 (edit) closed Draft response to IH Jos de Bruijn 2009-12-15
ACTION-959 (edit) closed Contact jderoo about rdf support in EYE Sandro Hawke 2009-12-15
ACTION-960 (edit) closed Contact Zhe Wu at oracle about whether the Oracle 11g Owl Reasoner could produce/consume RIF Gary Hallmark 2009-12-15
ACTION-961 (edit) closed Check base64Binary case Dave Reynolds 2009-12-15
ACTION-962 (edit) closed Contact Stella about regenerating XML for BUiltins_string Christopher Welty 2009-12-15
ACTION-963 (edit) closed Put BUiltins-String on agenda next time Christopher Welty 2009-12-15
ACTION-964 (edit) closed Update public comment list Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-01-12
ACTION-965 (edit) closed Change syntax in BLD and FLD Harold Boley 2010-01-12
ACTION-966 (edit) closed Change syntax in PRD Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-01-12
ACTION-967 (edit) closed Change syntax in SWC Jos de Bruijn 2010-01-12
ACTION-968 (edit) closed Document an rdf syntax for rif Sandro Hawke 2010-01-26
ACTION-969 (edit) closed Draft response on public comment JA Sandro Hawke 2010-01-26
ACTION-970 (edit) closed Send some examples of the failure case to gary Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-01-26
ACTION-971 (edit) closed Schedule a PRD telecon next week Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-01-26
ACTION-972 (edit) closed Update core, bld, and fld xml schema to reflect resolution on imports Harold Boley 2010-01-26
ACTION-973 (edit) closed Contact OWL2-RL folks about SWC Christopher Welty 2010-02-09
ACTION-974 (edit) closed Clarify use of xml:base in PRD Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-02-09
ACTION-975 (edit) closed Ask Axel to clarify xml:base in DTB Sandro Hawke 2010-02-09
ACTION-976 (edit) closed Send email today regarding telecon next week Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-02-09
ACTION-977 (edit) closed Talk to Kendall Clark about possible Pellet implementation of SWC Sandro Hawke 2010-02-09
ACTION-978 (edit) closed Review changes to PRD spec by Thursday Adrian Paschke 2010-02-16
ACTION-979 (edit) closed Review PRD draft by noon (europe) thursday Adrian Paschke 2010-02-16
ACTION-980 (edit) closed Ask stella to remove modify_noloop Leora Morgenstern 2010-02-16
ACTION-981 (edit) closed Send response to Ian Horrocks Christopher Welty 2010-03-09
ACTION-982 (edit) closed Send DM3 Christopher Welty 2010-03-09
ACTION-983 (edit) closed Ask Susan M whether her implementation can do this. Christopher Welty 2010-03-09
ACTION-984 (edit) closed Update change log for BLD, coordinating with Harold. Michael Kifer 2010-03-09
ACTION-985 (edit) closed Get Jos to add changelog for SWC Christopher Welty 2010-03-09
ACTION-986 (edit) closed Bring up with Jos Sandro Hawke 2010-03-09
ACTION-987 (edit) closed Fix and respond to editorial changes in swc Jos de Bruijn 2010-03-16
ACTION-988 (edit) closed Add note to BLD, Core about plain literals Harold Boley 2010-03-16
ACTION-989 (edit) closed Contact mdean for list of datatypes Michael Kifer 2010-03-16
ACTION-990 (edit) closed Contact Mike Dean and ask which DTB type are supported Michael Kifer 2010-03-16
ACTION-991 (edit) closed Contact chime about DTB support Sandro Hawke 2010-03-16
ACTION-992 (edit) closed Contact changhai about DTB support Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-03-16
ACTION-993 (edit) closed Contact jderoo about DTB support or get from implementation report Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-03-16
ACTION-994 (edit) closed Reply to paul gearon Sandro Hawke 2010-03-23
ACTION-995 (edit) closed Update public comments list Christopher Welty 2010-03-23
ACTION-996 (edit) closed Remove at risk feature as per resolution Harold Boley 2010-03-30
ACTION-997 (edit) closed Draft transition request Christopher Welty 2010-04-13
ACTION-998 (edit) closed Prepare preview drafts Sandro Hawke 2010-04-13
ACTION-999 (edit) closed Add RIFTr to implementations Sandro Hawke 2010-04-27
ACTION-1000 (edit) closed Update remove "W3C Note" Sandro Hawke 2010-04-27
ACTION-1001 (edit) closed Fix the example in Axel Polleres 2010-04-27
ACTION-1002 (edit) closed Update DTB to remove at-risk features and update change log Axel Polleres 2010-04-27
ACTION-1003 (edit) closed Copy the OWL text about XSD1.1 to DTB, copying into DTB 2.3, changing OWL to RIF. Axel Polleres 2010-04-27
ACTION-1004 (edit) open Review the proves in SWC Christopher Welty 2010-04-27
ACTION-1005 (edit) closed Draft reply to WL Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-04-27
ACTION-1006 (edit) closed Update PRD changelog Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-04-27
ACTION-1007 (edit) closed Review new FLD appendix on herbrand structures Adrian Paschke 2010-05-11
ACTION-1008 (edit) closed Send chris an email list of RIF WG members Sandro Hawke 2010-05-11
ACTION-1009 (edit) closed Review Appendix A of FLD Jos de Bruijn 2010-05-11
ACTION-1010 (edit) open Try and translate Fibonacci test case to presentation syntax Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-05-11
ACTION-1011 (edit) closed Add an import rejection test case for an empty rdf file Jos de Bruijn 2010-05-11
ACTION-1012 (edit) closed Review all test cases for use of "importProfile" wiki attribute Jos de Bruijn 2010-05-11
ACTION-1013 (edit) closed Fix the reference to Proposed Rec in the Media Type Registraiton, in Core Sandro Hawke 2010-05-25
ACTION-1014 (edit) closed Contact Clevand Clinic to encourage AC support Sandro Hawke 2010-05-25
ACTION-1015 (edit) closed Email Markus Krotzsch re AC support Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-05-25
ACTION-1016 (edit) closed Email Enrico Franconi re AC support Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-05-25
ACTION-1017 (edit) closed Email Luis Polo re AC support Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-05-25
ACTION-1018 (edit) closed Contact Michael Sintek re AC support Axel Polleres 2010-05-25
ACTION-1019 (edit) closed Contact Mohamed Zergaoui re: AC suport Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-05-25
ACTION-1020 (edit) closed Contact Igor Mozetic re: AC support Sandro Hawke 2010-05-25
ACTION-1021 (edit) closed Talk to Ken for Mitre re: AC support Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-05-25
ACTION-1022 (edit) closed Talk to Guido re: AC support Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-05-25
ACTION-1023 (edit) closed Talk to Ed Barkmeyer re: AC support Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-05-25
ACTION-1024 (edit) closed Talk to OMG re: AC support Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-05-25
ACTION-1025 (edit) closed Talk to Mark Proctor re: AC support Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-05-25
ACTION-1026 (edit) closed Talk to Elisa re: AC support Dave Reynolds 2010-05-25
ACTION-1027 (edit) closed Contact Boeing re: AC support Sandro Hawke 2010-05-25
ACTION-1028 (edit) closed Contact Jeff Pan re: AC support Dave Reynolds 2010-05-25
ACTION-1029 (edit) closed Contact Bijan re: AC support Christopher Welty 2010-05-25
ACTION-1030 (edit) closed Setup poll for RIF WG meeting for Jun 17th or 18th, to talk about XML-Data and RIF-in-RDF drafts for publication on 22nd. Sandro Hawke 2010-06-15
ACTION-1031 (edit) closed check why not use @NAME instead of attribute(NAME) in XML-data Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-07-05
ACTION-1032 (edit) closed account for rdf:plainLitteral without language tags in XML-data "string-match" Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-07-05
ACTION-1033 (edit) closed Review sparql entailment regimes on sparql Mike Dean 2010-07-20
ACTION-1034 (edit) closed Contact Stella about test cases status Christopher Welty 2010-07-20
ACTION-1035 (edit) closed T oreview RIF Primer by August 27 Sandro Hawke 2010-08-03
ACTION-1036 (edit) closed Review RIF Primer by August 27 Gary Hallmark 2010-08-03
ACTION-1037 (edit) closed Add text to RIF-in-RDF about documents being of type RIFCoreDocument, etc. Sandro Hawke 2010-08-17
ACTION-1038 (edit) closed Move approved test cases to approved status Christopher Welty 2010-08-17
ACTION-1039 (edit) closed Send stella recommendations to improve UCR-4.7a test case Leora Morgenstern 2010-08-17
ACTION-1040 (edit) closed Update TC 4.1.3 to indicate there is non-essential information unlike most test cases Stella Mitchell 2010-08-31
ACTION-1041 (edit) closed Discuss with Axel the imports issue Sandro Hawke 2010-08-31
ACTION-1042 (edit) closed Ping EricP on Primer Sandro Hawke 2010-08-31
ACTION-1043 (edit) closed Move Retract TC to approved Stella Mitchell 2010-08-31
ACTION-1044 (edit) closed Hide "import profile" in test cases listing Stella Mitchell 2010-08-31
ACTION-1045 (edit) closed Write down owl direct vs OWL RDF test case and confirm with Birte Axel Polleres 2010-09-01
ACTION-1046 (edit) closed Write down test cases for SPARQL's RIF Entailment and RIF TCs for RIF-in-RDF usesWithProfile Sandro Hawke 2010-09-01
ACTION-1047 (edit) closed Write down "RIF-direct semantics" proposal for RIF-in-RDF. Axel Polleres 2010-09-01
ACTION-1048 (edit) closed Review RIF in RDF by Sept 14 Leora Morgenstern 2010-09-14
ACTION-1049 (edit) closed Review RIF in RDF by Sept 14 Dave Reynolds 2010-09-14
ACTION-1050 (edit) closed Remove RIF syntax from UCR Adrian Paschke 2010-09-14
ACTION-1051 (edit) closed Annotate use cases wrt implmentability w existing dialects Leora Morgenstern 2010-09-14
ACTION-1052 (edit) closed Send email to Gary and sandro re reviewing Primer Christian de Sainte Marie 2010-09-21
ACTION-1053 (edit) closed Review UCR Stella Mitchell 2010-09-21
ACTION-1054 (edit) closed Try and add a PRD section to primer Gary Hallmark 2010-09-28
ACTION-1055 (edit) closed Contribute a PRD section like the BLD section (5.1) to the Primer Gary Hallmark 2010-09-28
ACTION-1056 (edit) open Review XML data Adrian Paschke 2010-09-28
ACTION-1057 (edit) open Add a sentence in README.html that typically suffix .rq .ru are to be sused for query and update request files Axel Polleres 2010-10-26

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