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The QUATRO approach to Transparency and Usability of Web Authentication

Phil Archer, ICRA, on behalf of the Quatro partners

The problem

Europe can be fun!
Europe can be fun!

Quality and Content Description

The Web is replete with trustmarks

Euro Labels BBBonline Relibility Program logo TRUSTe logo ESRB Privacy logos IQUA WMA Thuiswinkel


Much in common, for example:

The Quatro Vocabulary

Four sections

Published in text form and as an RDF Schema

Quatro allows a TM operator to:

ViQ Browser Extension

ViQ screenshot 1

LADI Search Engine Wrapper

LADI screenshot 1
Oh Yeah? button

ViQ Browser Extension

ViQ screenshot 2

ViQ Browser Extension

ViQ screenshot 3
QUATRO Architecture diagram

Trustmark use cases


Trustwatch screenshot

The Quatro Partners

Coolwave ECP.NL - Electronic Commerce Platform for the Netherlands European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (the European host of the W3C) ICRA IQUA: The Internet Quality Agency SKEL/NCSR Demokritos Pira International UNIMI Web Mèdica Acreditada EU Information Society


Project website <http://www.quatro-project.org>

Content Label Incubator Activity <http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/wcl/Overview.html>

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