IDL Compilers

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IDL Compilers

Currently there aren't any automatic tools for converting IDL into ECMAScript other than the W3C tools used in the DOM recommendations that convert XML into IDL, Java and ECMAScript.

There are several Java-based ORBs that provide IDL to Java compilers. e.g. :

Sun also provides a IDL to Java compiler as part of its Java 2 Platform Standard Edition

The other traditional language used in CORBA and IDL implementations is C++. e.g. :

There are tools to convert IDL definitions into other languages. e.g. :

All these tools generate CORBA-related stuff in their respective language bindings. In order to produce clean language bindings like those used in other W3C recommendations, the generated code would have to be manually edited to strip off the CORBA parts. As an example, this dom.idl definition compiled with the idlj compiler generates more than 100 different .java files.

More info to be added soon.