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Outstanding: ¤ OPEN

Use cases:
  • assess the scope, are examples exhaustive or at least sufficient?
  • look at way of representing flows
OMA Liason:
  • any conformance issues
  • 'privilieged' user or a breakdown of roles
References, Acknowledgements
  • update

Scope: ¤ DONE

  • need a scope section
  • state the purpose of the document

Conformance: ¤ DONE

  • need a conformance section
  • ...stating that an implementation will need to conform to these requirements at minimum

Requirements: ¤ DONE

  • categorize into 'usage' and 'management'
  • add generic repository requirements e.g. security, access, scaleability,
  • provide ability to determine the source of the information
  • provisioning: charter mentions "Identification of suitable means to facilitate community contributions of device descriptions;" so need to ensure that's covered.
  • management privileges
  • discovery
  • operability