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This is the Change log for the DeviceDescriptionsRepositoryRequirements document 16-22 April

4-April-2007 Kevin Smith


3-April-2007 Kevin Smith:

DeviceDescriptionRequirementsPreamble, DeviceDescriptionRequirementsConformance, DeviceDescriptionRequirementsScope:


  • changed RFC 2119 imperatives to uppercase (as per the RFC itself)
  • Jo's suggested change from 'reference repository' to 'standardised repository' made
  • added the original text from Dave's document for comparison. With the exception of the corrections above, this is all the strikethrough text, and the replacement text has been starred as per the DocumentConventions

21-March-2007 Kevin Smith

Added DeviceDescriptionRequirementsScope and DeviceDescriptionRequirementsConformance sections to help set the scene

07-March-2007 Kevin Smith

Table of Contents

Moved DeviceDescriptionRequirementsHighLevelRequirements above DeviceDescriptionRequirementsUseCases


Rephrased the preamble, made it briefer and reference Landscape and Ecosytem.


Rephrased the introduction and made reference to, rather than repeat, work from other DD/DI docs.

06-March-2007 Kevin Smith

Initial versions from Dave Sanders' working draft posted.