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* It was proposed to the DDWG members in May 2007 that this section was unnecessary, and also unlikely to be completed. Therefore this section shall not be retained in the updated draft.

 ''This is the Business Model section of the Device Description Ecosystem document.
 See the '''DeviceDescriptionEcosystem''' overview.''
 = Business Model =
 == Value Chain ==
 === Source of Attributes ===
 ==== Device manufacturers ====
 ==== Browser creators ====
 === Storage ===
 ==== Validation ====
 ==== Discovery ====
 === Authoring tool vendors ===
 === Content creators ===
 Content creators are typically authors or aggregators who provide content
 for direct consumption by end users, or who provide raw material to content
 The content creators need to be aware of the needs of the different devices,
 and create content to suit these devices, such as a range of versions of a
 logo image.
 Generally, the more end-users are capable of accessing the created content,
 the greater the potential revenue that can be created from such content.
 === End user ===
 == Issues ==
 === Effort does not produce reward ===