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This set of techniques, originally developed by the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group, is no longer maintained. If you're interested in helping revive this effort, please contact to volunteer.

The Mobile Web Initiative was started to answer a growing need to enable more end users to utilize the web through mobile devices. Currently use of the web through mobile devices is curtailed by methods of information resource creation that focus primarily on the capabilities of desktop computers and their periphery. While mobile devices are becoming more capable as technology improves, some limitations will remain for some time. Therefore information resources should be created in such way that takes these limitations into account.

The Best Practice Working Group was created to provide methods which are best suited to allow end users with both desktop computers and mobile devices to access and utilize information resources in a satisfactory way. The two major achievements by this working group are the Best Practice document and the mobileOK scheme (to be published) to label and certify adherence to a set of best practices.

To provide guidance to these participants on how the best practices might be implemented, participaints in the working group have also provided a set of techniques for each best practice in this publically accessible Wiki. These techniques have not been reviewed or approved by the Working Group at this point in time and should be taken as contribution from individual participants to the Mobile Web community as a whole.

Because of the many fold use cases in which these best practice might apply, these techniques can only provide suggestions on how to implement the best practices. Better or alternative techniques might be found through practical application of the concepts outlined in the document by the general public.

The Best Practice document and the associated techniques are aimed at all participants in the information resource creation value chain from intermediary to professional levels. The techniques are based on W3C specifications to improve interoperability of current and future web technologies.

This wiki is a shared writable space for the community to describe, gather and comment on techniques to implement the Mobile Web Best Practices developed by the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group.

A technique is a set of practical steps to implement what a Best Practice recommends; this may include Web server configuration, sample markup, sample server-side script code. Each technique should be a page on its own, referencing the Best Practice it relates to as a category, as well as reference to the kind of contribution (e.g. CategoryPhp); if you want to contribute a new technique, it's easier to start from the TechniqueTemplate or through the form in HelpOnWritingaTechnique.

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