ISSUE-116: Thematic Consistency checking

Thematic Consistency checking

Addendum to BP1 (formerly known as mobileOK Pro)
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Phil Archer
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I posted some suggestions for this [1] which were discussed in the call on
Thursday 6th July [2].

As a result I was asked to raise a specific issue. Following the discussion, I
would like to offer a modified version of my original tests while:
a) noting that the aim here is to seek further comment and, hopefully, further

b) I am confident that between us we _can_ work out a set of tests for Thematic
Consistency - if there is a will to do so (which I am not so confident about!)

When comparing a desktop and mobile presentation of the resource resolved for a
single URI:

1. Logo.
Where present, the content provider\'s logo is the same (although size and
position may vary).

2. Metadata
Except where the metadata refers explicitly to structure and technical
characteristics of the resource, it must be identical in both cases. For
example, the character encoding may change to suit the delivery conbtext and
metadata may say things like \"this resource has been optimised for Nokia mobile
devices\" - but things like title, keywords and cLabels must be identical.

3. Redirect or fail gracefully
When accessing a URI from one class of device it is acceptable to be redirected
to a different URI that offers a more suitable representation of the same
resource. So, for example, accessing from a mobile device
may redirect to If redirection is not used and
if a service is _only_ available on either a desktop or mobile device, then a
message should be displayed explaining this to the user.


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