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Welcome to the W3C USDL XG Wiki. This wiki is used for collaboration among all interested parties and especially the W3C USDL XG Members. You can find general information about the project, meeting minutes and results of the different work packages. If you have any questions about USDL or the XG itself, just approach the chair, Kay Kadner. Click here if you want to go back to the USDL XG homepage.

This XG started on 17 September 2010 and closed on 27 October 2011. See the Final Report.


Project Plan

The detailed project plan is located at Project_plan.

Work packages

  1. WP1: Related work
  2. WP2: USDL Specification
  3. WP3: Validation & test cases
  4. WP4: Project management


  1. D1: Report on landscapes of existing service description efforts
  2. D2.1: Requirements on the standard specification
  3. D2.2: Formal specification of the language (USDL XG Version)
  4. D2.3: Review of USDL Specification
  5. D3.1: Specification of reference test cases
  6. D3.2: Implementation of reference test cases
  7. D3.3: Evaluation Result and remarks for USDL rework
  8. D4: Report on communication and administration activities
  9. Approach to USDL variant management
  10. USDL XG Final Report
  11. USDL WG Charter


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