2011-02-28 USDL 3.0 Specifications M5 released

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SAP Research released milestone 5 of the Unified Service Description Language (USDL) 3.0 specification including the modules “Service, Service Level, Legal, Technical, Functional, Interaction, Participants, Pricing and Foundation”.

The downloads area available on the Internet of Services website inside the PDF download area [URL http://internet-of-services.de/index.php?id=297] and on the USDL detail pages.

Major changes of milestone 5 are:

  • All new, long anticipated overview document
  • All new Legal Module (German copyright law)
  • Completely revised Service Level Module, plus a basic extension to start modelling concrete service levels right away
  • Newly introduced Technical Module (split from Functional Module for better modularity)
  • Countless smaller improvements: revised naming concept, simplified Interaction Module, new consumer role, …