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Use Case Template discussion

be specified in a later development / ripening of use case

Purpose/Goals (Summarize what the use case is to accomplish) This i understand as a real world example

Issues and Relevance to Uncertainty (Summarize how relevant to uncertainty reasoning and representation?) quoting our chapter here could be added "when Boolean truth values are unknown, unknowable, or inapplicable" (possibly links to publications) and also "nightmare caused by proprietary uncertainty representations" possible attempts to solve the problem without uncertainty vagueness model

Assumptions/Preconditions (List the preconditions necessary for this use case to occur, including description of necessary context)

Required resources (List resources, such as data sources, ontologies, needed for scenario)

here I suggest to insert

Associate methodologies that could help (Describe / point to papers ...)

recommend those aspects that are considered most important to be included in a standard representation of vagueness and uncertainty (this the main task of our XG)

== end of suggested insertions ==

Successful End (Describe what happens if this use case is successful)

Failed End (Describe what happens if this use case fails)

Main Scenario (List the sequence of events for the basic course (numbered))

== Here I have a problem == what does it mean, a scenario of use case and/or scenario in real world when our methods solve the problem?

Additional background information or references (Summarize/provide references to information to further describe or characterize use case)

Variations (List the alternatives that will not be further decomposed at this time)

Open Issues