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Work Plan for URW3 XG

(from 25 April minutes

  1. During the first five months (through end of August):
    1. Develop use cases that show a compelling need for uncertainty reasoning and
    2. Compile a bibliography.
  2. During the sixth month (September):
    1. Identify a set of methodologies appropriate for each use case and
    2. Identify information needs for each.
    3. The purpose is not to endorse particular methodologies or to develop applications, but to identify information needs that web services and web-based applications will need to support.
  3. During the next four months (October through January):
    1. Identify critical information needs for chosen methodologies
    2. Investigate and document commonalities in information needs across methodologies
  4. During the last month (February):
    1. Write a final report on our work.
  5. [VK] Process aspects of taking an existing system, say one that executes clinical guideline and help the
    • system designer make informed choices of the appropriate methodology (e.g., probability, fuzzy logic, etc.) for the particular system/application and the reasons for doing so.

We should pass our results to other working groups as appropriate, and also keep them informed of our progress as appropriate. Rules working group is the most likely to incorporate our work into Recommendation track.