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Use Case Title: Ontology Mapping





2 December 2007

Original author

Thomas Lukasiewicz

Current lead

Thomas Lukasiewicz

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Thomas Lukasiewicz

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Application domain

Triggering event

Purpose/Goals (Summarize what the use case is to accomplish, e.g. story, real world example)

Merge a collection of ontology mappings between two ontologies.

Issues and Relevance to Uncertainty (Summarize how relevant to uncertainty (vagueness, ambiguity, imprecision,…) reasoning)

Assumptions/Preconditions (List the preconditions necessary for this use case to occur, including description of necessary context)

Required Resources (List the general resources, such as data sources, ontologies, needed for scenario)

  1. Two ontologies.
  2. A collection of ontology mappings between the two ontologies.
  3. Each ontology mapping is associated with a degree of reliability.

Successful End (Describe what happens if this use case is successful)

The merging should allow for reasoning across the two ontologies, which should be as accurate as possible.

Failed End (Describe what happens if this use case fails)

Main Scenario (List the sequence of events for the basic course (numbered))

Existing software or other resources (Summarize/provide references to existing tools that may be relevant to the use case problem, including examples of Required Resources noted above)

Additional background information or references (Summarize/provide references to information to further describe or characterize use case)

Andrea Calì, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Livia Predoiu, and Heiner Stuckenschmidt. A Framework for Representing Ontology Mappings under Probabilities and Inconsistency. In Proceedings URSW-2007.

Variations (List the alternatives that will not be further decomposed at this time)

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