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XG ontologies and examples

Ontologies and examples produced by the Incubator group

Ontology distributed via the SSN XG wiki (since 11 August 2010)

To access other versions, please go to: http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/File:Ssn.xml

SensorBasis.owl distributed via the mailing list (before August 2010)

Note: these older versions use a different namespace (http://www.w3.org/2009/SSN-XG/Ontologies) and '/' URIs not '#' URIs.

SSN XG Mailing list:

SensorBasis_withaccuracy.owl (April 20)

SensorBasis_withSurvivalAndOperationalRange.owl (June 22)


SensorBasis.owl (SemsorGrid4Env)

SemsorGrid4Env ontology deliverable: D4.3 v1 Sensor network ontology suite

This ontology package includes a copy of SSN ontology available at the time (SensorBasis.owl 22/12/2009), as part of an (intermediate) ontology deliverable for the SemSorGrid4Env project.

For more information, contact Raúl or check these resources published by the project:

SensorBasis.owl (MMI Ontology Registry and Repository copy)

MMI Ontology Registry and Repository

This is a copy of the SSN XG ontology dating from 2010-07-15 (with some formatting changes caused by the upload in the repository).

SensorBasis.owl (MMI Google code devont project copy)

There is a copy (April 26) of the ontology distributed via the mailing list (the April 20 version) and of the Modelling of Accuracy, etc example.

W3C SSN ontologies.

Please be aware that the two other files in the same ssn folder correspond to the evaluation made by the MMI team to back the Modelling of Accuracy, etc discussion (see details below)

SensorBasis.owl (Web Protege copy)

Ontology available through WebProtege Sensor_Basis.owl (December version).

Ontologies and examples produced outside the Incubator group

CSIRO SSN ontology

SensorOntology20090320.owl.xml Proposed initial Semantic Sensor Network Ontology. Uploaded by Holger Neuhaus, 20 March 2009.

There is also a copy of the CSIRO ontologies on the MMI repository at this URL http://mmisw.org/orr/#http://www.csiro.au/Ontologies/2009/SensorOntology.owl

MMI Marine Device Ontology (Google code devont project)

The Modelling of Accuracy, etc example has been adapted to the context of the MMI OntDev project.

The three following files are OntDev ontologies and not SSN ontologies :

devontacc-example.owl and vaisalawm30.owl can be called "ports" of the SSN XG examples in the "OntDev" modelling environment. They use <owl:imports rdf:resource="http://mmisw.org/ont/mmi/device"/>

A variant of devontacc-example.owl is also available though the MMI repository http://mmisw.org/orr/#http://mmisw.org/ont/mmi/devontssn

MMI Platform ontology (mmi.svn.sourceforge.net)

DOLCE alignement

Clarifications and issues (to be discussed)

Ontology to be used as reference by the XG

Currently, the recommended reference is the last version posted on the mailing list.

  • The MMI repository is no longer used by the XG.
  • The ontology accessible through WebProtege tool does not corresponds to the latest version

File format for the ontology

The ontology is currently formatted as a TopBraid output. With this approach, it is not possible to compare two successive versions of the ontology.

Separation of the core ontology and of the examples

SensorBasis_withaccuracy.owl contains SensorBasis.owl and the classes and examples developed for the Modelling of Accuracy, etc. Should the example be maintained in a different file?

Status of devont/ssn content

devont/ssn contains some copies of the ontologies developed by the XG. It is not an XG-endorsed source for the ontologies produced by the XG.

devont/ssn also contains two other ontologies (vaisalawm30.owl and devontacc-example.owl) which are developed outside the XG (Carlos Rueda). These two ontologies do not depend on SensorBasis.owl, they should not be provided in the same sub-directory because of the risk of confusion.