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18 August 2009Agriculture Meteorology Sensor NetworkAlignement to DUL Upper Ontology
ArchitectureCollaborative Protege InstructionsCommunities
DUL ssnDeployments, Systems and DevicesEvents
F2f09Favorite Use Cases ListFormatted references
Foundational LayerIncubator ReportIntermediate report February 2010
Key Sensor ConceptsMain PageMeetings
Metrology (hard and soft)Minutes-f2f-2009-10-24Modelling of Accuracy, etc
Ontology modules (rationale)Operating ModelParticipants
PublicationsPublishing Incubator Group DocumentsQU Ontology
Reference Use CasesReport Conclusion and RecommendationsReport Intent and Process
Report IntroductionReport Motivating Use casesReport Ontology Structure
Report Work on MappingsReport Work on Semantic MarkupReport Work on the SSN ontology
Review of Sensor and Observations OntologiesReview of collaborative ontology edition toolsReview of semantic annotation proposals
SSNSSN-XG Liaison activitiesSSN Base
SSN DeploySSN DeviceSSN Energy
SSN ModelSSN ObservationSSN Ontology Scope
SSN SensorSSN SkeletonSSN Smart product
SSN Suggested Key Ontology Intro AttributesSSN Uni deployment
SSN Wind SensorSWE termsScribe List
Semantic Mark upSemantic Markup DeliverableSemantic Markup Draft Deliverable
Semantic Markup ReferencesSemantic Sensor Net OntologySemantic Sensor Net Ontology Process
SensorOntology2009Sensor Discovery on Linked Data
Sensor typesState of the art surveyTagged Bibliography
TeleconferencesUse Case Data
Use Case DeviceUse Case Process ProvenanceUse Case Tasking Programming
Use casesVIM termsWikipedia terms
XG ontologies and examples: historyXML dataset content validation