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NOTE: This page was used as part of the development of W3C Community Groups. It may no longer be maintained.

Derived from W3Cinfrastructure. See [Mockups].

Info Architecture

Home: www.w3.org/community/

  • w3cforum (home page of w3c forum)
    • archive pages (by year, category, tag, events)
  • foo (home page of foo community group)
    • join
    • participants
    • archive pages (by year, category, tag, events)
    • wiki
    • tracker
    • mercurial
    • new_report
    • update_report
    • final_text_commitment
    • shortname-commitments-YYYYMMDD
  • reports
    • Different views (by group, title, date)
    • Make templates available here? if not, where?
  • groups (list of existing groups)
    • propose_new
    • proposed
    • support
    • past
  • about (overview, include contact info)
    • faq
    • process (this is the overview)
      • cla (community/agreements/cla)
      • final (community/agreements/final)
      • compare (process comparison table)
    • fees (business group fees)
    • infrastructure
    • goals
  • account
    • request
    • forgotpassword
    • changepassword

(Historical) Pages about all groups

Community and Business Group Home page

  • Short blurb describing the program
  • Recent community news: aggregated stream of public streams of groups.
  • Actions:
    • Login to W3C/Get Account
    • View existing groups
    • Propose a new group
    • Vote for a group
    • Join a group
    • View past groups
    • View all Community/Business Group reports

Other ideas:

  • A "focus" on a particular group (as w3.org provides member testimonials)

Groups: New

  • Name
  • Scope
  • Whether Biz Group or Community Group
  • Whether internal comms list requested (can add later)
  • Infrastructure beyond "base": mailing lists, wiki, microblog, blog, tracker
    • webspace for docs (CVS/mercurial)

Note: We are looking at offering teleconf services to some CGs that transitioned from XGs.

Groups: Show Existing

  • List of existing groups
  • Microblogging and blog activity streams
  • Analytics on Group activity (public)
    • Name links to home page
    • Scope available (e.g., as pop up or on expand)
    • Link for joining the group
  • Link to past groups

Groups: Show Past

  • List of past groups
  • For each group that published a "final text" link to the report and to the commitment page
    • List of Reports and info about final text commitments for each Report

Groups: Vote to Approve

  • List of proposed groups
    • Scope available (e.g., as pop up or on expand)
    • show supporters
    • Vote to support creation of the group
    • Make sure voting can happen over hashtags or with a sort of "Like" button

When a group receives 5 votes, the following happens automatically:

  • The group is listed in the list of groups and people can join it.
  • The infrastructure for the group (lists, wiki, home page, other pages) is created automatically.

Pages about a specific group

  • "Public" means anyone can read and write. Non-public means only Participants, Members, and Team can read and write.
  • Both CGs and BGs will have a public mailing list and a non-public list. (CGs I thought had only public list?)
  • For Community Groups, all these pages will be public.
  • For Business Groups:
    • Public: Home page, list of participants, list of Reports, final text commitments
    • Public or non-Public depending on how requested: wiki, blog, microblog, issues list

Group: Home

  • Scope
  • News feed (blog? microblog? mix? - You could have a blog with a twitter-like-stream next to it)
  • Link to Reports
  • Link to Participants
  • Link to how to join
  • Information about available tools:
    • blog
    • wiki
    • microblog
    • mailing lists
    • issues lists or tracking tools
    • Repository/version control tools


  • We'd like to have same skins for blog, wiki, microblog.
  • Threaded conversations will be at least available through email archives. Presumably microblogging and blogging environments will also support threaded conversations.

Group: Join

  • Click-through agreement showing:
    • Scope
    • Checkbox for agreeing to participation policies

Group: News Archive

  • Blog archive?
  • Microblog archive?

Group: Participants

  • Names and affilations (and photos?).
  • Statement that these have signed the contributor agreement.
  • Background bio, tags of interests and skills
  • ActivityStream in terms of posts to list and hashtags
  • (Harry: Should we let them "like" things?)

Group: Reports

  • List of Reports
  • For each entry in the list:
    • Title, link to report
    • Whether there has been a call for final text commitment.
    • Link to information about final text commitments.

Pages about Reports

Reports: Index

  • For each report, link to report, identify group that produced report, link to final text commitments page (if available).

Pages about Individual Reports

NOTE: We will need a new report style to avoid confusion with TRs.

Report: Final Text Commitments

Note: One of these pages for each Report.

  • Identify Report
  • Kind of Report (Draft Specification, Overview Report, Test-Cases, etc.)
  • Identify group that produced Report
  • For every participant:
    • Name and affilation
    • Whether they have made a final text commitment

NOTE: We will also need to review the pages of IPP for displaying commitments.

Pages about Accounts


  • May want cookies
  • If logged in when you go to join, you go straight to join page
  • If not, you got to a login or "get new account" page

Account: Request New / Recover a password

  • Streamline account process - can we get W3C to let people login using an OpenID Provider? (People tend to forget their w3c-specific login and password, and waiting for a W3C account seems to be a major barrier facing people trying to do things like join groups or even answer polls)
  • Note: W3C often just prompts people to log in using basic auth when they try to access a page that requires a password. Should we have a distinct "log in" page for CGs?

Account: Manage

  • Configure account settings (contact info, photo, etc.)
    • Integration question: LDAP possible, but likely that W3C account tool would be authoritative source of information. Any additional profile information (e.g., through microblogging tool) would not be part of central W3C db.

Pages to Administer Groups

  • The staff will need interfaces to create groups, close groups, close accounts, etc.

Data Requirements

  • Not available yet: data about reports.

Group data structure


  • shortname
  • name (the full title)
  • alphaname

Need in database:

  • description
  • list of supporters (for all types, even though we are most interested in proposed groups)
  • date of first support

Home page for the entire program

  • List of existing groups. For each group:
    • Group Name
    • Description (mission)
    • URI to group home page
    • URI to join page
  • List of proposed groups
    • Same as for existing groups, except in addition who has supported them.
  • List of past groups
    • Same as for existing groups, minus link to join page
  • Aggregated news items (an aggregation of all recent blog entries).

Group home page

  • Name of group
  • Type of group (CG or BG)
  • Mailing list names and URIs to mailing list archives (2-4)
  • URI to wiki
  • URI to microblog. Suggest status.net home page be created on CG creation (and we link to that)
  • URI to blog for participants (who can author new articles)
  • URI to version control system
  • URI to tracker
  • twitter hash tag used by the group (if any)
  • facebook home URI (if any)
  • RSS feed for group blog - which is where the news on the home page will come from.
  • URI to archive of blog posts
  • URI to IPP join page
  • URI to list of participants
  • URI to report (or list of reports) published by the group


  • We are likely to need some customizability per-group.
  • Prepare templates so that "if present, show this, otherwise don't"

Participants list

For each participant:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Email
  • Whether individual is chair
  • URI to photo

Get an account

  • List of Members

Other pages and useful materials (to be added later)

Groups: Group Rules for Behavior

Setting expectations for participant behavior will promote polite, effective group dynamics, and provide a clear rationale for correction of violations; since most Community Group are not going to be monitored by staff, this will be a concern.

As an example, MobileRead's Forum Rules are as follows:

Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

  • Discuss things politely
  • Stay on topic if asked to do so
  • Don't duplicate posts
  • Quote accurately and succinctly
  • Limit advertising and promotional posts
  • Do not spam
  • Respect copyright when posting, linking or uploading
  • Keep avatars, signatures, and images reasonable
  • Use the "Report Post" button if things go wrong

Click here for our full guidelines.

Although the administrators and moderators will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and the owners of this site will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

Also, by agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

By contributing to this forum you grant us royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive permission to publish, use or edit your entry in any way deemed appropriate by us. You also grant us the right to translate your material into other languages.

The owners of this site reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

We might start with something like that, and add additional provisos regarding discussion of IP.