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Alice spends an hour on Twitbook

DNN just did a report on the new services everybody's talking about: Twitbook {the point to make is that Alice is not an early adopter}. Alice having been asked by friends repeatedly to join, she finally decides to get around to it. {We discover a little while in that she's been connecting through a mobile phone the whole time?}

  1. Signing up 7.2
  2. Importing profiles 5.1
  3. Importing friends 5.2, 5.5, 5.3, 5.4, 7.6
  4. Changing privacy settings 5.9, 7.9
  5. Interacting with the site 5.7, 8
  6. Entering some content 7.8, 7.10
  7. Had a friend who died recently, remembers the hassle so checks how the site will handle her departure 5.10
  8. Logs out.

{We probably could use illustrative mock-ups for a lot of these.}

Trent is developing Twitbook

Rewind to one year earlier {this is more or less our current time as of this writing}. Trent is trying to make his vision of a social network called “Twitbook” come through. He's facing a lot of issues. Some standards needed do not exist, some existing one are poorly implemented or respected by existing players. We go through the challenges he faces and the solutions he encounters (W3C, ad-hoc groups, industry best practices, stand-alone development, etc.)

{We basically don't have any developer-oriented stories.}

Zoe's angel trust ponders funding Twitbook

Trent needs a few extra k to be able to finish his site. He's applying to Zoe for some angel funding. Zoe reviews certain features of his site, compares him to the competition and takes a decision on whether or not to fund him.

Erica is starting a new project

Erica works for ACME and is getting ready to start a new project. Before jumping in head first, she would like to do a little research to see if anybody else has done something similar and if she can find any "lessons learned" that pertain to her new project. Rather than sending emails out to the people that she thinks might be able to help her, she logs in to the company social networking site and starts searching for topics related to her new project. After finding people and additional information captured from other projects she has an idea on a different approach for her project and would like to engage other experts within the company that could provide feedback. She posts a question to the social networking system and an online discussion ensues.