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A Draft Schedule for TPAC 2009:


Let's start by focusing on "big picture" and outreach.

  • Introductions
  • Review of Social Web stack, such as Open Stack (OAuth, OpenID, OpenSocial, PortableContacts,, OpenMicroblogging, FOAF, SIOC,SMOB,and FOAF+SSL, vCard, Delivery Context Ontology, OSLO Alliance, XRIs, XMPP, Google Wave.
  • What technologies haven't been through a standards body?
  • Is W3C process suitable for this technology? Should it change for this work (HTML5)?
  • What parts are missing?
    • open microblogging platform gets you somewhere but is missing - delete / update / stuff; additional relationships; everything except tweets; etc...
    • IMS has some of this stuff - cross-domain subscriptions, group management, etc... - some open source implementations, built on SIP; IMS uses SIP URLs; XDM (XML Document Management) - can cover groups?
    • XMPP - what does it provide?
    • LinkedData - people have data out there on the cloud - a web application generates FOAF-like data; linking open data could be a distributed architecture approach to get away from silos
    • See diagram from TBL from TPAC f2f for fodder for our report
  • Missing: Easily extensible data (RDF?)
  • Missing: Standardized policy languages
  • Missing: Provenance
  • What kind of relationship should we have with IETF, OASIS, Open Web Foundation, and


Focus on deliverables and technologies.

  • Review of use-case document
  • Outline of final report: Who wants to edit?
  • Building from morning, what is progress with technical report?
  • Do we have XML and RDF serializations for all data formats?
  • Review of code-bases (Elgg,,
  • Does this build into a technical report and landscape document?
  • Can we get to implement any of this?
  • Hack and chat