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Basic Functionality is required, i.e. a platform that does not support basic functionality does not qualify for being called an online social network within the scope of our investigations. Other functionality is optional. Technology supporting explicit privacy control, authentication mechanisms, and support for distributed architectures is considered evolving at an early stage. Technical possibilities are diverse. Focus on interoperable, distributed architectures is expected.

Basic Functionality

  1. Profile Page
  2. Friendship relationships
  3. Search / Explore profiles
  4. Intra-platform messaging
    1. public (guestbook)
    2. private (private messages)

Activity & Messaging

  1. Activity Streams
    1. per user
    2. global
  2. Realtime Messaging (chat)
  3. Email compatible
  4. Geo Based Functionality

Authentication and Privacy

  1. Single Sign On
  2. Access Control
    1. platform login
    2. digital asset ACLs
  3. Strong Authentication
  4. Data Protection
  5. Multiple Identities ("nyms")
  6. Trust and Reputation

Distributed Architecture

  1. Application Framework
  2. External API
  3. Allows data Sharing Across Networks (inc. delegated credentials)
  4. Machine Readable Profiles
  5. Remote Friending
  6. Linked Data Compatible