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Social Web Open Day (@ TPAC)



When: Monday November 2, 2009

     9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Where: Santa Clara, California

More information on TPAC here:

Objective of Open Day

The objective of the SWXG Open Day meeting is to bring in people from the global social media community to have discussion with us about the Future of the Social Web.

We seek to establish friendly, working relationships between different communities.

We also seek input from commercial companies about SWXG activities and the work of XG (e.g., final report).

Topics for Discussion

At this stage, the list of suggested topic titles below is to kick off discussion.

People are encouraged to contribute to the list of possible discussion topics, to voice reservations/concerns about proposed topics, etc. We will need short description of the topic title.

The goal will be to have a final list of topics fleshed out by September 23 so that marketing can begin.

Please put your initials after your suggestion so that you can be contacted to discuss or clarify, if needed.

Distributed social network architecture

What is the architecture of a Distributed or decentralized social web?

How are distributed and/or decentralized social structures going to fit with existing community platform architectures?

What are the SWXG recommendations to W3C on the topic of distributed social network architectures?

User Experience in Social Web

Are there some standard user experience guidelines or rules which must be observed/enabled by all community software or services?

What are the SWXG recommendations to W3C on the topic of user experience in Social Web?

Contextual Awareness (and Context topics) on Social Web

We will review the context use cases and discuss the context awareness challenges in Social Web.

What are the SWXG recommendations to W3C on the topic of contextual awareness in social web?

Social Web Metrics

What are the measurements of social web growth?

What are the SWXG recommendations on the topic of Social Web metrics?

Privacy and the Social Web

What do users want, what is legally required for companies to be compliant with social web privacy?

What are the SWXG recommendations to W3C on the topic of social web privacy and accessibility?

Sun Microsystem Presentation

Henry wants to make a presentation on FOAF+SSL (HS)

Invitation Memo

There will be a short invitation memo prepared which anyone can send out and which captures sufficient information to permit person to respond/sign up.


Who is invited (develop list here)

Facebook: David Recordon (SP?)

MySpace: John Faith

Google: David Glazer