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The purpose of this page is to capture formal discussion and, if there are sufficient people interested and able to participate, to assist in the planning of one or more events to be coordinated or hosted by the W3C Social Web XG.

1. Should we host a 2-day working session at TPAC2009 (either Monday-Tuesday or (Thursday-Friday), with a preference to Thursday-Friday if we wish to attend Internet Identity Workshop. The registration fee is 50 dollars a day.

2. Should we join up with the Internet Identity Workshop? They run Nov 2-5th. Registration fee unknown, but seems to run a few hundred dollars :(

Harry's proposal we meet Thursday-Friday as Social Web XG if more than 10 people will definitely attend, and encourage people informally to attend Internet Identity Workshop.

Then we host a separate W3C Workshop in March or April 2010 towards end of life-span of group, again in California. This could co-incide with another Internet Identity Workshop, which is also usually done in April as well as Nov.

Dates: the first week of November (Nov 2-6) 2009

Duration: TPAC Meetings are 2 days.

Places: Silicon Valley, California

Venues: to be determined

Objectives of face-to-face meeting

1. to provide those in the XG who are working on the XG deliverables to accelerate and intensify activity by way of concentrated time together both discussing and writing the deliverables, testing code if that is an objective (This could be done in TPAC - Harry)

2. to provide a forum in which industry participants will discuss the hot topics concerning the future of the Social Web (future of Social Networking). As W3C Workshop operating policy, only those who submit a position paper in response to a call for papers are invited to participate. (Note that if we just show up to Internet Identity Workshop, we'll have interesting discussions probably, but not a W3C Workshop).

3. to provide an opportunity where XG draft deliverables can be shared with industry for the purpose of soliciting feedback. (This might also be best done at Internet Identity Workshop).

Sponsorship Any face-to-face meeting inucrrs costs. In parallel with determining what the meeting or meetings seek to achieve, there needs to be careful consideration of the type of sponsorships we can solicit and obtain.

Potential Sponsors List potential sponsors here.