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Note: A question mark has been put by people who have yet to indicate any interest in the SWXG or people we need help contacting. Don't read too much into this list, it's group-internal notekeeping. Feel free to add suggestions, but please indicate them as such or send mail to the XG list.

Speakers for 2010 - Final Call List:

  • Accessibility - Henny Swann (Opera), Laura Carlson (WAI)
  • WRAP, OAuth, and SSL -> Probably inviting Eran Hammer-Lahav back, Luke Shepard from Facebook (who implemented WRAP in Javascript), and the editors of WRAP (Dick Hardt, Tom Allen) and some of them from OAuth (Ben Laurie comes to mind...)
  • Work on a common terminology. I know some of our Social Web XG members have been working on this, so I'd like to devote a telecon to it ASAP.
  • XMPP, Google Wave, Opera Unite (which doesn't use XMPP, but maybe they can explain why), and other upcoming social software built on XMPP. I'm sure Peter St. Andre would be happy to weigh in, and I can e-mail folks from Opera and Google, but again, if people have personal contacts here now is the time to spread them.
  • OpenSocial, W3C Widgets, and Facebook Developer Platform - this might want to be split into two telecons. There's been quite a few e-mails about this, but we should probably just set a date and *do* it.
  • OpenID 2.0 - Realizing we never had a proper telecon about OpenID 2.0, in particular it's attribute exchange mechanism. Again, the usual cast of suspects - Chris Messina, David Recordon, Tom Allen... and the inevitable question, will there be an OpenID 3.0?
  • Micropayments - I think the OpenID foundation has a WG on this topic, and I know Doug Schepers (W3C) has been thinking about this. Not sure who else, but it should be part of the final report.
  • OpenMicroblogging and Twitter - We can invite someone from Twitter and really sit down and look at Twitter's APIs, including maybe OMB server-to-server protocol.
  • Relationship between Identity Commons - we need to have a discussion of some proposal for some kind of mutually beneficial relationship. Kaliya and Drummond Reed come to mind.
  • Relationship between OWF and W3C - we need to have a discussion of some proposal for some kind of mutually beneficial relationship. David Recordon and Chris Messina come to mind.
  • Salmon Protocol
  • Social Graph API - Brad Fitzpatrick from Goole
  • Information Cards - Drummond Reed
  • Active Clients - Mike Jones (Microsoft), Mary Ruddy, Drummond Reed, and Ben Laurie (Google).
  • Someone from BBC Persia on Twitter usage for reporting use-case

Please add confirmed speakers to the Schedule page. Context

  • Mobile Web Best Practices - Jo Rabin? or Charles McCathieNeville (Opera)
  • Geolocation API - Andrei Popescu? (Google)
  • Web API WG - Doug Schepers (W3C)
  • Accessibility - Henny Swann (Opera), Laura Carlson (WAI)
  • Delivery Context Ontology - José Manuel Cantera Fonseca? (Telefonica)
  • Oslo Alliance - Who?
  • Mor Naaman (Rutgers)
  • Fausto Giunchiglia (Trento Uni - LivingKnowledge Project)
  • Marc Davis (Berkeley)
  • Context and mobile: Nathan Eagle (MIT)


  • 23rd September Ros Lawler, Head of eCommerce at Random House Books will talk about her use of social media as a marketing tool. See, for example, Authors Place. Seriously sharp use of the technology! --Phil Archer 09:26, 9 July 2009 (UTC)
  • Open Microblogging - Evan Prodromou (Control Yourself, Inc.)
  • Microformats - Tantek Celik, Brian Suda (note preference for wiki/email/irc comms)
  • W3C Widget - Marcos Caceras
  • Facebook Platform - Dave Morin (Facebook)
  • OpenSocial - Chris Chabot, Kevin Marks
  • “Open Stack” (OpenID, OAuth, PortableContacts, OpenSocial, XRDS-Simple) - Chris Messina
  • Social Graph API - Brad Fitzpatrick (Google)
  • FOAF and RDF - Dan Brickley
  • - Elias Bizannes, Daniela Barbosa, Chris Saad?
  • PortableContacts - Joseph Smarr (Plaxo)
  • SIOC - John Breslin, Alex Passant
  • Dublin Core MetaData Initiative - Andy Powell (Eduserv) or Tom Baker (DCMI)
  • "Open Mesh" - Marc Canter?


  • FOAF+SSL - Henry Story (SUN)
  • W3C Policy Language Interest Group - Renato Iannella (NICTA)
  • Web Security Context - Thomas Roessler (W3C)
  • OAuth - Eran Hammer-Lahav (Yahoo)
  • POWDER - Phil Archer
  • OpenID - David Recordon
  • XRIs - Drummond Reed?
  • Identity Commons - Kaliya Hamlin
  • EGov - Jose M. Alonso (CTIC/W3C)
  • Tom Ilube (Garlik)