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Analysis of Business Contract ScenarioAnalysis of Disease Outbreak ScenarioAnalysis of News Aggregator Scenario
Bibliography TagsClosure of Experimental Metadata
Curated Bibliography as bib source fileDomain Specific Provenance 1
Draft CharterEventsExperimental Reproducability Analysis
Final Report DraftJim MLocating Biospecimens With Sufficient Quality
MendeleyCollectionMendeley & BibBase Collection
Merging Use CasesNote/20100505Pgroth
Presentations on State of the ArtProposal for a Working Group on ProvenanceProv-XG Participants Interests
Prov XG LiveProvenance DimensionsProvenance Survey
Provenance Vocabulary MappingsProvenance and Web ArchitectureRationale for Template
Recommendations for scenariosRelated Work Across ScenariosRelevant Technologies
RequirementsRequirements CleanScenario State of the Art Analysis Guidelines
Security issues in provenance use casesSocial WebState of the Art Report
Suggested ConceptsTagging ToDosTelecons
TimelineUse Case Anonymous InformationUse Case Attribution for a Versioned Document
Use Case Collection vs Objects Cultural HeritageUse Case Computer Assisted ResearchUse Case Creative Commons
Use Case Crosswalk MaintenanceUse Case Different Levels Cultural HeritageUse Case Documenting Axiom Formulation
Use Case Evidence for Engineering DesignUse Case Evidence for Public PolicyUse Case Fulfilling Contractual Obligations
Use Case Handling Scientific Measurement AnomalyUse Case Hidden BugUse Case Human Executed Processes
Use Case IQ Assessment for Linked DataUse Case Identifying Attribution And AssociationsUse Case Ignoring Unreliable Data
Use Case Linked Data TimelinessUse Case Mapping Digital RightsUse Case Metadata Merging
Use Case Provenance for Environmental Marine DataUse Case Provenance for IQUse Case Provenance in Biomedicine
Use Case Provenance in BlogosphereUse Case Provenance in biomedicineUse Case Provenance of Decision Making Emergency Response
Use Case ReportUse Case Result DifferencesUse Case Retweets
Use Case Semantic Disambiguation of Data Provider IdentityUse Case Semantic Disambiguation of Data Source IdentityUse Case Semantic Disambiguation of Source Identity
Use Case Simple Trustworthiness AssessmentUse Case TemplateUse Case private data use
Use CasesUser RequirementsW3C Provenance Incubator Group Wiki
What Is Provenance