Scenario State of the Art Analysis Guidelines

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Guidelines for detailed analysis of the motivating scenarios of our group's requirements report.


Identify anchor/entry points that people outside the provenance group can use to understand how to map their provenance needs into general aspects of the scenarios.

These should expand to cover sets of multiple user requirements in the next section

User Requirements Specific to the Scenario

Enumerate specific (provenance-related) user requirements from the scenario as described here, and give reference to the relevant general user requirements listed in the requirements list.

  • Content
  • Management
  • User

Technical Requirements for Business Contract Scenario

List the general technical requirements (a subset of those in the list gathered here) which are required to fulfill the user requirements listed above specifically for the Scenario.

  • Content
  • Management
  • Use


This is where we identify components/aspects of a provenance solution to the scenario, and how technical requirements for the scenario are illustrated into three diagrams

  • Content

  • Management

  • Use

Relevant State of the Art

Here we describe the research conducted in relation to, and the technology available to fulfill, the above described requirements with specific regard to the Business Contract Scenario.

Existing Solutions Used Today

A summary of current practice and research, with references, which consider issues similar to the scenario-specific user requirements above, or are applied in a similar domain as of today.

Current Provenance Research

A summary of research, with references, which address the general technical requirements above in a way directly applicable to this scenario.

Gap Analysis

An analysis of where the above state of the art could be directly deployed to achieve the scenario, i.e. where are the gaps.