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Place to plan and document face-to-face meetings of the XG.

Face to Face Meeting April 25-26, 2010

The goal of this meeting is to review progress to date on two reports that the group is preparing:

  1. a state-of-the-art roadmap for provenance
  2. requirements and use cases for provenance on the web.

This will be the first face to face meeting of the W3C Provenance Incubator Group.

Attendance to this meeting is for group members only. Please contact Yolanda Gil if you are not a member of the group and would be interested in attending.

Meeting Report

  • Introductions (9am-9:15am)
  • Requirements report: further feedback and distribution (9:15am - 10:30am)
    • ACTION: We should start to work on the roadmap report by creating a table of mappings across current provenance vocabularies, doing this concurrently with the work on the state of the art report. Let's start today.
    • ACTION: Reach out to other communities promoting our requirements document:
      • Paul: social web incubator
      • Kerri (?) with semantic sensor networks W3C incubator
      • Christine: eGovernment: report has been distributed, set up discussion on telecon
      • Satya and Jun: HCLS Experiment design sub-sub task force (and try to map SWAN)
  • Report on last telecon's discussion on planning for the state of the art report (10:30am-10:45am)
    • At the telecon we agreed to the following:
      • the report should focus on identifying technology gaps and relate the state of the art technologies/approaches to the three use case scenarios in our requirements report
      • to do the following in-depth analysis for each of the three scenarios (though not necessarily in this order):
        • 1) articulate goals/scope/, these are "anchor points" for people outside of the group to identify what they may be looking for in the use cases
        • 2) list technical requirements
        • 3) try to draw some architecture/solution for the scenario, trying to identify functions or building blocks that could help us organize the technical requirements
        • 4) look at relevant technologies and systems to satisfy the technical requirements
      • We agreed to try out this process with one of the scenarios and refine it before doing the other two scenarios
    • The F2F attendees agreed to using the News Aggregator scenario, and to start this in-depth analysis today
  • Definition of provenance (10:45am-11am)
    • Topics:
      • converge on a working definition of provenance
      • provenance of *what* (issues vary depending on what we are tracking provenance for)
    • ACTION: add a few more definitions to the wiki
    • ACTION: schedule a tcon discussion in a few weeks
  • Start defining Provenance_Vocabulary_Mappings (11:30am-12:30pm) -- led by Satya
  • Discussion on security and digital signatures with Thomas Roessler (2:30pm-3pm)
    • ACTION: To be continued at upcoming May 7th telecon
  • Start in-depth analysis of News Aggregator scenario (3pm-5:30pm) -- led by Paul
    • Overall goals: articulate goals/scope, list technical requs, draw some architecture/solution for the scenario, and then look at relevant technologies and systems
    • ACTION: Continue tomorrow Monday and over the coming weeks

For more details, see the up-to-the-minute minutes from Sunday and up-to-the-minute minutes from Monday.


  • Wireless internet (free): WWW2010.
Remote participants: use our weekly  telecon number and IRC channel


There is a registration fee for Sunday, which will cover audio visual expenses as well as breakfast and breaks. Wireless internet will also be available.

Please bring cash. No credit cards please.

  • Registration fee: $80



  • Sunday April 25: 9am-6pm
    • Breakfast served at 8:30am
    • Coffee breaks served at 10:30 and 3:30
  • Monday April 26: smaller group meeting

Proposed agenda topics (old, see Agenda and minutes below):

  • converge on a working definition of provenance
  • provenance of *what* (issues vary depending on what we are tracking provenance for)
  • develop a conceptual map of existing provenance systems (ie, how do they relate and overlap)
  • patterns for provenance (given a description of needs as a provenance user, can we point to what they can use)
  • from user requirements to technical requirements for provenance

Joining by Phone

Please use our weekly  telecon number and IRC channel.

Feel free to call in anytime. We are targeting the following times for group telecons:

Sunday, 9-10am
Monday, 9-10am

Attendees Roster

Attending in person:

Joining by phone (please indicate hours in Boston time when you plan to join us)

  • James Cheney (maybe 9-10am and/or 2-3pm? Depends on when others will be on the phone and what the agenda is)
  • Kerry Taylor Sunday 9-10am
  • Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez (probably will, but not sure yet)