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Aaron, awesome kick-off section for the white paper. I think you really captured the essence of the organizational conversation that occurred at the OWEA summit. I think it would be great to specifically mention that OWEA is hoping to be self-funded like WAI. I know you allude to this...but I'd think it would be cool to make it more obvious.

And...we could start building the outline for the whole paper. Here is a suggestion for the outline.

  • Executive Summary — Steph
  • Strategic Vision & Guiding Principles (based on OWEA Vision) —- Glenda
  • Strategic Initiatives - Bold Steps for next 12-18 months —— Glenda
    1. Define Organizational Structure for OWEA
      • Type of Organization — Aaron Gustafson
      • Membership — John Allsopp
      • Course Content Policies — Aarron Walter
      • Intellectual Property Policy — Mark Dubois
      • Sustainability and Resourcing — Ben Friedman
    2. Establish model program at a university, a community college and a high school
        • Mark Dubois to use his community college
        • Jeff Brown for High School
        • Leslie for university.
    3. Establish outreach models and pilot activities —— Chris Mills
  • Conclusion - Aaron Gustafson & Steph


  • Virginia (1st)
  • Scott (2nd)
  • Steph (final)