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In general, OWEA should have security at all levels, from courses on how kids should exercise caution online (for gradeschool classes, which teachers may not know how to teach properly), to how to make secure sites, including advanced topics such as cross-site scripting.

This might be interesting subject matter for a course on security... Seen on a MIT flyer advertising a new course, 6.893: Computer Systems Security:

Do you want to know:

  • ... is it safe for your browser to run Javascript code?
  • ... how do hackers find so many vulnerabilities?
  • ... how should you design your system to be secure?
  • ... can you really trust SSL-secured web sites?
  • ... what can you do with trusted hardware (TPM)?

Design and implementation of secure computer systems. Lectures will explore attack vectors that can compromise security, and engineering techniques that help avoid compromises, with discussion of research papers. Topics will include threat models, capabilities, information flow control, access control models, language security techniques, use of cryptography in building secure protocols, trusted hardware, and web browser security. Lab assignments in the first half of the course will explore the use of individual techniques, and the second half will involve student-proposed final projects.