Organization Structure

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Organization Structure

These are the questions I believe we should address soon. Per our discussion on August 20, 2009, this page was created for additional discussion.

What is the OWEA organization going to look like?

  • Idea - each organization currently participating should have a seat at the core group. This implies at least one representative who is actively participating/ contributing to these activities.

How do all the current organizations fit?

  • See idea above for initial start of discussion.

Will each organization have an equal vote?

  • Yes - one organization, one vote (this is just to get the discussion rolling).

How do we arrive at consensus?

  • How about a simple majority (greater than 50%)? Again, just to get the discussion rolling.
  • CHRIS - One organization, one vote is definitely the fairest way of doing the voting. As for the majority, I think 50% for an absolute decision is perhaps a bit off, as that still means there is a large number of people who disagree with the decision, and their thoughts still have value. Would it be a good system if we said say, 80% agreement means decision made straight away, but 50-79% means we open a discussion board for the dissenters to state their case and make their arguments for everyone to read, then we revote. If the decision is still not up to 80% or more the 2nd time round, then the decision is made based on that. Or am I thinking too hard about this? ;-)