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White papers are useful when they clearly illustrate a vision and motivate people to turn ideas into reality. The members of the Open Web Education Alliance are actively working to better the web. Here is a list of activities that contribute to the cause. We note them not to rest on them, but to be motivated to keep moving forward.

OWEA in Action

Action/Event Details Date Focus Area
InterAct Book Donation 2010Apr Alliances
InterAct Web Curriculum - 2nd Release SXSWi, Austin, Texas 2010Mar Curriculum
Environments for Humans Donation 2010Jan Alliances
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo join OWEA W3C 2009 Alliances
Web Education Rocks! Syndey, Australia 2009Oct Outreach
Web Education Rocks! WE Rock Summit Chattanooga, Tennessee 2009Aug Outreach
OWEA Incubator Group begins at W3C Sponsored by Adobe Systems Inc.; Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd; and Opera Software. 2009Apr Alliances
InterAct Web Curriculum - 1st Release SXSWi, Austin, Texas 2009Mar Curriculum
Ed Directions North Web Directions North, Denver, Colorado 2009/Feb Outreach