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Present: Aarron, Ben, Chris, Doug, Glenda, Lars, John, Mark, Scott, Virginia,


  1. Activity Update
  2. Building OWEA in 2010: Volunteer for Working Groups
  3. Next Meeting
  4. Inspiration

Activity Update

  • Web Directions North - looks like September 2010 in Atlanta. Would give us time to plan another "WE Rock" event at that time.
  • OWEA Panel not accepted at SXSW - Glenda will send direct message to Hugh about possibility of last minute openings.
  • InterAct Progress on Courses for Phase 2 and the InterAct Text Book - 10 new courses slated for mid-march. (see http://interact.webstandards.org/curriculum/roadmap/ for list).Book slated to be published this spring 2010.
  • NMC Commission on Accreditation will meet in San Antonio to develop accreditation for New Media Degrees (including web) based on the Baldridge approach. See http://www.nmc.org/news/nmc/7393 for more details. Glenda plans to attend.
  • White Paper update - changed phrase "Web Science" to "Web Craft". We need to be respectful of the phrase "Web Science" and its relationship to an advanced degree. Good conversation with Dan Connolly. Dan had read white paper, had questions about our goals, motivation and funding. We are estimating that we would (at the very least) need to support 1 FTE to lead the OWEA activity. Our goal is $125,000 - $250,000 (U.S) annual. Cover 1 FTE + benefits + travel at the least. John had a prelim talk with the Australian government about the possibility of funding in relation to grants for 21st century education.
  • Meeting with Mauro - Glenda will schedule a meeting with John Allsopp, Mauro and Doug to discuss the hypothetical australian funding/location concept
  • Questions/Answers
    • Accreditation is a way to generate funds? Aarron and Ben said this is not the place to start. (already noted in white paper).
    • Is it too early about who would lead OWEA? John: it would be best to define the ideal qualifications, skills, aptitudes for the job and know what we could offer for salary.
    • Doug asked about how to help schools adopt this curriculum. What are the challenges? Glenda responded that this will be part of phase 2 after the pilot programs are established.

Building OWEA in 2010: Volunteer for a Working Group

I want to contribute to OWEA activities in 2010 by working in one of the following areas: (Glenda will set up a specific page (OWEA 2010 Focus) for us to continue this conversation.) The list of "work areas/areas of focus will start with:

  • Branding
  • Curriculum
  • Exec
  • Funding/Revenue
  • Model Pilot Programs
  • Outreach Activities

Volunteer for working group before next meeting. Self-form groups. Begin drafting high level statement for your working group. Brainstorm where to focus in 2010.

Next Meeting - Wed, 20 Jan 2010 22:00 UTC

Next meeting in 2 weeks.

WERock Inspiration

Chris Mills shared his initial plans for a WERock type event in the UK, sometime this this year. Awesomeness!