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  1. John Allsopp
  2. Mark DuBois
  3. Virginia DeBolt
  4. Lars Gunther
  5. Kazuhito Kidachi
  6. Doug Schepers
  7. Glenda Sims
  8. Steph Troeth
  9. Aarron Walter

Agenda for this week

5 min XG update - Doug

The OWEA XG was formally approved. See http://www.w3.org/News/2009#item106

Everyone who is not currently a W3C member needs to do the following:

  1. request a W3C Public account
  2. wait for the W3C Public account to be granted
  3. then fill out the Invited Expert Application
  4. wait to be approved as an Invited Expert
  5. Doug will then be able to add us to the OWEA group at http://www.w3.org/2004/01/pp-impl/43604/join

Questions on how to become an invited expert? Ask Doug directly. Steph & Glenda will post meeting agendas and notes to the public mailing list. Glenda find out about scribing tools that work with IRC window

Breakout topics dependencies – Glenda, Doug

Glenda described the 6 breakout sessions.

Day 2 we plan to cover:

  1. Type of Org
  2. Membership Criteria & Executive/Board Positions
  3. Course Content Policy

And Day 3 we plan to cover:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Outreach
  3. IP

John wants us to volunteer for the breakout sessions and begin discussion in advance of the retreat...so we have 5 weeks to prep for Chatt. Then we can hit the ground running at the retreat.

Also want some energizing topics as well as the structural pieces we need. The lightening talks and topics like Course Content and Outreach will provide lots of energy!

Doug - as we design the org...we need to design the ideal org structure.

Assign Team Members to Topics

Head to https://webstandardsproject.grouphub.com/W1785848 and list your preferences for being on topics.


After you have chosen your topic, head over to deliverables and see if the deliverables are reasonable. https://webstandardsproject.grouphub.com/W1768908

Open Conversation

"Open" can also apply to the fact that OWEA is open to all people...not just about open software.

To Do

  1. Everyone request public account w/ W3C if not already a member
  2. Everyone should fill out a invited expert app
  3. Steph/Glenda post agendas and meeting notes to public mailing list
  4. Everyone volunteer for breakout session topics
  5. Everyone review deliverables
  6. John, Steph, Glenda indicate main person for each topic
  7. Everyone begin discussion on your breakout topics immediately!
  8. Let Leslie know your dates for attending retreat (in writeboard at https://webstandardsproject.grouphub.com/W1735306 ) and send Leslie a high res picture