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Brainstorming OWEA Curriculum Focus for 2010

  • Release 6 new courses by March 15:
    • Usability
    • Writing for the Web
    • Server-side Scripting 1
    • Project Management
    • Prototyping
    • Interaction Design 1
  • Create learning modules to flesh out the courses we already have in InterACT [release throughout the year]
  • Develop the Design learning track of InterACT
  • Release first curriculum companion book May 15 - InterACT With Web Standards: A Holistic Approach to Web Design
  • Release a companion website to the InterACT book where bonus material will be published [May 15]
  • Create a framework and guide for the development of new InterACT books [July 31]
  • Publish a series of case studies illustrating the use of InterACT in real schools [March 31]