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OWEA Conference Call

Date / Time

Wednesday, Sept 30 at 21:00 GMT

It should be the following times in your timezone/city:

  • US Pacific Time – Wednesday, Sept 30 2pm
  • Albuquerque – Wednesday, Sept 30 3pm
  • US Central Time – Wednesday, Sept 30 4pm
  • US/CA Eastern Time – Wednesday, Sept 30 5pm
  • London – Wednesday, Sept 30 10pm
  • Tokyo – Thursday, Oct 1 6am
  • Sydney – Thursday, Oct 1 7am

You may also want to verify the time in your location using this link:

Proposed Agenda

  • WE Rock Tour Stops - Leslie

Suggested (possible) Topics

  • Name that Curriculum
  • Name that Major

If you have anything you want to add, please list it under suggested topics.


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sniffles won't be on the call today

sniffles: have fun everyone

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topic: Feedback W3C on Draft White Paper

gsims: John: Computer World Interview with John Allsopp.  W3C wanting to clarify messaging.


gsims: Thanks Ben!

gsims: We Rock at Web Directions South with direct connection to students

gsims: Still waiting on specific feedback.  Will check in with Doug.

gsims: topic:  Web Education Rocks Tour

gsims: John:  Web Directions South having an event for students

gsims: John:  also planning on event in Denver at Web Directions North

gsims: John:  student event in Denver will also include "career exploration" where students can meet with successful web professionals


gsims: aarron: it would be wonderful if we could add WE Rock Tours to An Event Apart

gsims: aarron:  challenge will be coordinating these WE Rock Events (and finding resources)

Aarron: I will be at all An Event Apart conferences next year and can participate in WERock if we can pull these off.

gsims: John: Leslie has started early planning for Denver

gsims: John:  Web Futures - Career Exploration event for students.  Like a career bazaar.

gsims: John:  allow students to talk directly to people in the industry. thinking of 4 groups of students, coming through for 90 minutes each.  Then perhaps an evening event.

Topic:  OWEA Curriculum - Names and Branding

gsims: gsims:  InterAct was originally intended as a complete curriculum that encompasses best practices and web standards

gsims: MarkDuBois:  We should consider if InterAct is too narrow.  Is it only focused on web standards?

gsims: Aarron: InterAct is far bigger than just web standards.  It is pragmatic and includes best practices.

gsims: Aarron:  InterAct can work as a framework where people can contribute.  Both open source, web standards content, as well as pragmatic, best practices and specific content.


gsims: Mark:  How would MS or Adobe content be included?  Would it be poured into InterAct?  Or housed at MS / Adobe and just linked to?

gsims: Aarron:  Flexible.  If MS wanted to gift content to be hosted on our site.  We could publish at InterAct.

gsims: Aarron:  Or if the content is more appropriate to be stored at the vendor's site...then we can link out to it.  Like the Opera Curriculum.

gsims: gsims:  InterAct was built to solve the curriculum issue that OWEA is working on.  I feel it should live where it will grow best.

Topic:  Casual Conversation about What to Name the Degree

gsims: gsims:  Web Science, School of Web?

gsims: MarkDuBois:  Does it matter what we name it?

gsims: gsims:  there may be politics, we need to hear back from Doug

gsims: MarkDuBois:  We can allow schools to name it as they see fit. 

gsims: Aarron:  Web Science is broader and more serious

gsims: Aarron:  School of Web sounds a little bit like School of Rock, Jack Black

gsims: Aarron:  not concerned about existing programs changing their name

gsims: Aarron: more concerned that new programs in Web Science cover the practical, graduate and research

gsims: what do schools call their programs now?

gsims: Interaction Design, Digital Media, Web Systems

gsims: MarkDuBois: a fair number of schools already have these programs in place


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gsims: Aarron: InterAct working on Phase II or course development